Inspired By Dominion: Don’t Break that Seal!

Thursday, September 24, 2015 - 07:00

For at least three episodes Noma and Michael cautioned everyone to NOT release the Amphora. But who heeds a warning in film or a TV show? Nobody, of course. Here’s a look back at memorable movie moments where the characters didn’t listen, opened the cages and subsequently the world went to hell. Shall we?…

The Day After Tomorrow

Dennis Quaid plays a qualified and well educated (this is important) climatologist who warns the U.N. that a dangerous superstorm is brewing but government officials ignore him (of course) and thus catastrophic natural disasters occur throughout the world.

Moral of the story: Listen to the well educated and qualified climatologists when they tell you stuff about the environment. They know things.  

28 Days Later

F#!k yeah, animal rights! However, when a chimp infected with the “Rage” virus, which turns people into zombies, is caged in a *medical research lab* perhaps it’s best to leave said chimp inside its cage.

Moral of the story: Yes, to animal rights. No, to releasing plague infected animals into the world.

28 Weeks Later

See what happens when you don’t listen? A ripple effect in the form of a terrifying - as in extremely entertaining but a terrifying premise - sequel.

Moral of the story:  Sure, disobeying logic sometimes leads to good things, (yay, sequel) but still!

The Garbage Pail Kids

Moral of the story: They should have kept the lid on this movie.

Moving on…

Evil Dead

Eric, played by Lou Taylor Pucci, finds a mysterious Book of the Dead inside a remote cabin he’s staying in with friends. Eric decides to read from the book, aloud, and thus awakens an ancient demon… Yeah

Moral of the story: When one finds a tome called “Book of the Dead”? Leave it on the shelf!