Inspired by Dominion: Hot Apocalypse Locations

Friday, August 21, 2015 - 07:00

On Dominion, Alex and Noma -  like any rational people living in the apocalypse -  hid from 8-Balls in a Wal-Mart-esque supply store to look for… supplies, duh. And while they didn't find much since it's the end of the world and inventory is scarce, they now join a list of other characters who braved the end of their worlds in unconventional locations. Desperate times call for bizarre shelters, folks.

Where the Wind Blows  —  Pristine English Cottage  

There's a nuclear attack looming outside, but for a time Jim and Hilda Bloggs were safe from the effects of the blast inside their quaint Sussex cottage.

Judge Dredd — Taco Bell

In a dystopian future, it's good to know that we'll be able to dine at such fine establishments as Taco Bell.

I Am Legend — Video Store

A man-made plague has transformed humans into blood thirsty mutants and the Earth is in ruins but the videos stores - not the hospitals or the airports - will be intact! 

Melancholia  — Wedding Reception/Kirsten Dunst's Depressing Ennui

We don't know what's more depressing - spending the end of the world at a wedding reception (do you still need to give a gift?) OR having to be around Kirsten Dunst's mopiness in this Lars von Trier film. 

Snowpiercer  — Train

In the world of sci-fi, we're no strangers to seeing "humanity's survivors" take refuge on tricked out space ships and the like, but Snowpiercer threw a curve ball by housing what's left of humanity- complete with a disenfranchised caste system- on a moving train that has to keep running or everyone will freeze to death. Got it?

Maze Runner — The Glade

What year is it? What day is it? What time is it? Nobody knows! But what a group of teenage boys do know is that the walls of an ever-changing maze - the Glade - is one hell of a place to spend ones formative years.  

The Walking Dead – West Gate Correctional Facility

Prisoners spend their whole lives trying to get OUT of the slammer but after a plague turns most of humanity into flesh eating Walkers you take refuge where you can. Beggers can't be choosey.

Doctor Who – The TARDIS

What's a list about bizarre places to shelter in during apocalypses, dystopian and alien futures without a mention of the good Doctor's TARDIS? The TARDIS has voyaged from the Big Bang to the end of the Universe and between parallel realities. In the 52 years of the franchise, this interdimensional Police Box's look has gone from contemporary to outdated to oddly retro chic, which is actually more impressive than its ability to travel between dimensions . Got any room in there for us Doc?