Who's Who in Dominion Season 2

Wednesday, June 24, 2015 - 07:00

In two weeks and one day - to be exact - Dominion Season 2 will premiere on Thursday, July 9 at 10/9c. And since it's been a while - one year by our calendars- you may have forgotten a thing or two about the main players. So here's a quick re-introduction to all the rogue angles and brave humans battling against each other for survival.

Team: The Chosen One

Media categories:  Dominion

In the beginning, if anyone asked Alex, an orphan with serious daddy issues, to describe himself, he might have said something along the lines of…V2 solider and secret lover (shhhh!) of Claire Riesen, the BOSS' daughter. But that was all a ruse and unbeknownst to even Alex himself, his true identity is "The Chosen One" - hand picked by God himself to help humanity survive the attacks of the archangels led by one of God's archangel, Gabriel. As "The Chosen One," Alex gained indiscernible tattoos all over his body that only he can decode (and frankly, most of the time he has trouble figuring out what they say). Each tattoo is a message to help Alex thwart mankind's extermination. Alex can also perform evictions - the process of expelling Angels possessing the bodies of humans. To most, it'd be COOL to the "The Chosen One," but to Alex it feels like a big ole burden and after MUCH begrudging, he reluctantly rises to the occassion of his calling.

Where is he at the beginning of Season 2? Alex and Claire are expecting a little "Chosen One" but there's no time for a baby shower. Alex is too busy scaling the walls of Gabriel's lair to end the war once and for all. After all, he's got a kid he's fighting for now.

Team: Archangel

Media categories:  Dominion

Michael, a kick ass archangel, shares creative differences with his brother Grabriel about how the future should be written. Michaell thinks that humans aren't so bad, while Gabriel wants to exterminate them. Tomato, tomahtoe. In siding with humanity, Michael has also taken on the duty of watching over Alex his whole life, knowing all along that Alex was "The Chosen One." But Michael wasn't always good. At one point (way, way back in biblical times) he went on a human killing spree and it was Gabriel (shocker!) and their sister, Uriel, who stopped Michael by beating him senseless. Now, Michael's so into redeeming himself that he even falls in love a human - albeit an icy one- Becca Thorne. Things were great until Becca betrayed Michael by conducting sketchy experiments on angels for the government. Michael went ballistic and broke her neck (arguably the more sane way to work out a disagreement would have been a discussion, but que sera sera). Alex was disgusted by this, and swore Michael off. 

Where is he at the beginning of Season 2: Hard to say. After murdering Becca and being rejected by Alex, Michael flew off for parts unknown.

Team: Archangel

Media categories:  Dominion

He really misses his dad, God, so badly that he'll stop at nothing to bring Him back. Gabriel is convinced that it's all humanity's fault for driving God away so he figures that if he kills them all, God will come back. He's particularly intrigued by Alex's status as "The Chosen One." He even enlists the help of his sister Uriel, who's been stuck in the middle of her brothers' bickering for years now.

Where is he at the beginning of Season 2? In his lair - the one that Alex was scaling the walls of when we last saw him. Perhaps Gabriel knows that company is on the way?

Team: Higher Angel

Media categories:  Dominion

Noma started off as Alex's cute V2 solider friend who he used to have sex with. She took things fairly well when Alex permanently friend-zoned her after things got serious with Claire. The shocker of the season was finding out that Noma was in fact a higher angel - working under Michael as a protector of humanity. With her cover blown, Alex is weary that he'll ever be able to trust her again.

Where is she at the beginning of Season 2? While trying to help Alex she got caught by Gabriel. Now she's locked up in a cell over at Gabriel's place.  

General Edward Riesen
Team: Human

Media categories:  Dominion

The upper crest of Vega (F.K.A. Las Vegas) society includes General Riesen and his daughter Claire (more on her later). General Riesen, the founder of Vega and HBIC for a long time, is often preoccupied with his personal life rather than generaling. In secret he's been sleeping with a woman named Clementine, a demonic angel who possessed the human body of his wife, Claire's mother, who Claire thinks is dead. Talk about touched by an angel. Got that? When Riesen is found out and disgraced (sleeping with the enemy for reals) Claire demands that he step down and she's now the head Riesen in charge.

Where is he at the beginning of Season 2? We're guessing he's in New Delphi, another city, where he said he wanted to live out his old age, but we'll know for sure when Season 2 airs.

Claire Riesen
Team: Human

Media categories:  Dominion

She's the daughter of General Riesen who was bethrothed to William Whele, the son of slimy politician David Whele (see below). Yet, she's in love with Alex and is having his baby. She and Alex had to date in secret because he was from a way lower class then hers - but she loved him all the same. Once she found out that he was "The Chosen One," she was equal parts shocked and ecstatic. When she found out her dad, General Riesen, was secretly sleeping with the angel-possessed body of her dead mother, she flipped out and threatened to expose him unless he stepped down as head of Vega. She's now in charge. 

Where is she at the beginning of Season 2? Running things in Vega in her dad's absence. Hoping for a future with Alex.

David Whele
Team: Human

Media categories:  Dominion

David is a councilman and overall bad guy who wants to take over the town. He wants General Riesen's seat and his power so he tries to finagle his way into the Riesen clan -only to dismantle it- by arranging a marriage between Claire and his son, William. When he finds out that his son has been conspiring with Gabriel and is the leader of some angel cult, David sets all of the cult members on fire and then drops William off in the desert and tells him to figure it out.

Where is he at the beginning of Season 2? Still trying to pillage his way to the top by any means necessary. And now that he's spared himself the embarrassment of his son's indiscretions and General Riesen has "retired", David's new target is Claire.

William Whele
Team: Human technically, but he's an archangel at heart or whatever else Gabriel tells him to be.

Media categories:  Dominion

William is one messed up dude. Growing up raised by a dad that resented him (David Whele blamed William for the deaths of his mother and other children, as a crying baby William alerted some evil angels to their presence, resulting in a slaughter). Maybe looking for a new father figure, he joined a religious cult that worshipped Gabriel, and ended up secretly working for the bad archangel. William grew up loving Claire, so was happy when his dad arranged a marraige between them (for power grabby purposes), but gets all the sads when he realizes Claire loves Alex. When daddy David discovers that William is loyal to Gabriel, he dumps him in the desert to fend for himself. 

Where is he at the beginning of Season 2? Presumably the desert. If he's even still alive.

Team: Arika

Media categories:  Dominion

Arika shows up in the first episode, supposedly the wife of the Queen of Helena, another city (this one ruled entirely by women). She spends most of season one scheming and plotting, half the time with David, but with a true agenda never entirely clear. Also, she always looks very glamorous when she schemes, showcasing that a tried and true tradition started by Joan Collins survived after the angel apocalypse. Anyway, by the end of the season, we learn that Arika is actually the ruler of Helena, that she was sleeping with the archangel Uriel (meaning Dominion showcased the first interspecies lesbian relationship in TV history, so there's that) and they were both scheming something involve Claire's unborn baby.

Where she is at the beginning of Season 2: Still in Vega. Still plotting. Still looking glamorous doing it.

Now that you're all caught up, get a glimpse of what's the come in Season 2.