Alex Lannon

Christopher Egan

Abandoned by his father, Jeep, at a young age, Alex became a soldier. He rose through the ranks to join the Archangel Corps, an elite unit responsible for the protection of Vega's aristocracy. Through his assignment to House Riesen, Alex developed a secret relationship with Claire Riesen, daughter of the Lord Of The City (General Riesen). Often rebellious, Alex tries to balance his sense of duty with his need for freedom.

About Christopher Egan

Among his long list of film and television credits in the US and Australia, Christopher was the lead in Ryan Murphy’s pilot Pretty Handsome for HBO, and went on to star in the NBC series, Kings. He played the lead opposite Amanda Seyfried in Gary Winnick’s Letters to Juliet. Chris also starred in ABC pilots Poe, Beauty and the Beast, and Gothica.  

You can follow him on Twitter @MrChrisEgan