Dominion Episodes





House of Sacrifice

Michael hasn't been doing well since he passed out. He's now trapped inside his mind inside Mallory, Alabama inside a church with The Prophet. And that prophet seems to be taking orders from someone inside HIS mind. It's a lot of internal dialogue. Meanwhile, Alex and Gates naturally have some friction because they're both in love with Claire. And she sends them off on a mission to save the nuclear reactor from the rebels.

Now, it's been a while, but let's all recall that General Riesen is newly possessed by an angel. When he realizes that Julian is gone and Gabriel is in charge, he's obviously pretty upset and tries to fight about it, but only ends up getting banished from the city. He won't leave, however, without the amphora, even though Clementine protests. The General tells Clementine to go hide in an abandoned town and he'll meet her there, and sets off to save the day.

Meanwhile, this thing with The Prophet is getting interesting for Michael. See, he was supposed to die in Mallory, Alabama. That was the deal he struck, his life for Laurel's, and now the Prophet is pretty mad because he's owed a life. So, Michael decides to strike up a deal – they're going to play Texas Hold'em. And why not? They're both dressed like they work at a Vegas Cracker Barrel, so this is the most logical way to settle it. Michael wins and he lives, plus the town of Mallory is saved! Michael loses and he dies and the town burns down.

Now, David Whele has been trying to connect with his son for…well, all of his life, really. But most recently, the two just can't seem to work out an agreement together. Even though William offers him a cheeseburger, David wants to go and find somewhere safer to talk. William, however, just wants to purge the city of sin. Claire, meanwhile, offers Arika a chance to not die if she gets David Whele to turn himself in. Arika's redheaded spy is on the case, but David ends up killing her so whoops, there goes Arika's chance at freedom. Meanwhile, William turns his father into the guard and Claire Riesen.

When Gabriel discovers that General Riesen is sneaking around looking for the amphora, he does what any dangerous villain would do – he murders Clementine in VERY cold blood. The emotion is too much for the General, and he lets the half of him that is an angel take over. Now he belongs to Gabriel.

As Alex and Gates try to find a way to stop the nuclear reactor from melting down, they manage to take out a few rebels AND become friends. That's when Gates reveals his master plan. The core needs someone to go in and fix it, and Gates performs this last act of bravery as a way to save Claire, and everyone in the city. He dies a terribly scaley and radioactive death, and breaks all of our hearts.

And now, some really big things start to go down. Michael wins the card game, saving his skin but realizing that The Prophet is taking orders from someone - and that person seems to be Lucifer. Yes, THAT Lucifer. With this information, Michael rushes into the control room where Claire is just about to finish her speech abolishing the V system altogether AND just as Gabriel lands on the roof of a building in Vega and releases the amphora.