Dominion Episodes





Bewilderment of Heart

Just as David Whele is being marched off to his execution, things take a turn in Vega. See, the fifth Amphora (darkness!) has been opened, and that means that everyone in town, both human and angel, is about to have the darkness within them unleashed. Everyone has horrible visions and attacks either themselves or someone else. And those that don't die, start to have some really intense hallucinations.

For David Whele, the darkness reveals an alternate 8-Ball version of himself and the two fight their way through a dark conversation about which one of them is the bigger demon. And David isn't the only Whele going through it, as William has tortured visions of his own: from a jail cell he is visited by 8-Ball Gabriel, who tells him he's not the Chosen One, then 8-Ball Claire who also tells him he's not the Chosen One, and finally Alex, who ALSO tells him he's not the Chosen One. Thing is, though, William really wants to believe this about himself.

Arika's dark-place fantasy is pretty devastating in its own right. Remember back when Arika was using that 8-Ball named Rose to frame David Whele? Well, the tables are turned and Arika is now in the position of being the 8-Ball and having to defend herself as Claire and Rose show her pictures of her mother. Turns out, Arika's mother died insane, and Arika has maybe always secretly wondered if she is crazy, also.

Claire Riesen, meanwhile, has a vision of her and Alex in white pajamas playing with their child. The problem is, Claire is having nightmare visions that the child keeps disappearing. Poor Claire.

Mainly though, the disturbing visions that REALLY cause some worry are the ones being visited upon Michael and Noma. See, as angels, the Amphora affects them later than the humans, but still causes serious problems. Michael has a vision that Noma is out to kill Alex, and thus he begins to hunt her down. And all the while, Noma has had visions that her wings have grown back, and once she finds the Amphora, she tries to keep it open so she can keep the illusion of having wings.

Finally, Alex uses his markings to close the Amphora and everyone realizes just how insane things have gone. David Whele has survived his own execution, William Whele still tries to believe that he's the Chosen One, Arika begins to realize the error of her ways and asks "what have I done?" The tricky part though, is that in all of this rushing around in the dark, Claire Riesen seems to be bleeding to death in her apartment. As Gabriel returns to the city of Vega, seemingly excited to watch it burn to the ground, we have to wonder, will Vega survive?