Dominion Episodes





Day of Wrath

As Michael and Gabriel fight it out, Michael realizes that the Amphora really went to town on Gabriel's psyche. And let's be clear, it's not like we didn't see this coming. Gabriel's been a problem for humans for a while now. And that's one of the major reveals of the flashbacks— that the apocalypse started in a bar in Jasper, Texas on Christmas Day in 2016. That's the future! But also the past, as far as the people in Vega are concerned.

And speaking of the people of Vega, they're still pulling themselves together after the Amphorae made them all see dark visions of their worst nightmares. Things got so bad, in fact, that Claire and Arika sort of bond over it, and decide they need to defend the city from the newest threat – a horde of angry 8-Balls who have stormed the walls. Arika tries to apologize for always being so schemey, and leaves to go back to Helena.

Meanwhile, William Whele has gone on a killing spree. Yeah, the Amphora really sort of cracked him up good. And now, he's wandering through the city shooting at people instead of letting them commit suicide. Elsewhere, in the command room, after David Whele and Claire form an unlikely bond with Jerry the soldier, they try to get the angel cannons up and running. As Claire goes off to secure more of the City, William shows up, shoots Jerry and tells David his big plan: to kill everyone in Vega so that the place can be shed of its sins. William then opens the gates to let the 8-Balls in and then smashes the controls!

You know what else is interesting about the aforementioned flashback? It turns out Noma and Gabriel were sort of in cahoots. We didn't see that coming, but the fact that Noma may be a little more duplicitous than we thought is crazy exciting. As Arika saves a little girl and decides to take her to Helena, David Whele finally does what he's worried he had done before – he kills his son William.

Finally, as Gabriel and Michael fight it out and smash through a lot of different walls, Michael reveals his secret about what's going down in Mallory: that Lucifer is alive and well. Gabriel doesn't believe him, but is definitely convinced enough to fly off and check. All that while Claire and Alex flirt in plain sight of a clearly lovesick Noma, David Whele cries his face off, and the 8-Balls flood the city.