Dominion Episodes





Sine Deo Nihil

As the Chosen One, it turns out that Alex can evict 8-Balls from an entire invading horde. Everyone is thrilled an impressed – especially Claire - but the celebration is short because General Riesen, who is newly a Dyad named Duma and who is working for Gabriel, is rolling into town with Gabriel's army.

Gabriel, meanwhile, has taken Michael to Mallory, Alabama, where they bump into that Prophet of Lucifer's, the dude in the cowboy get up. These two have been through a lot, and they ask the Prophet to heal Gabriel, and this leads us through a pretty big series of flashbacks. Long ago, when the apocalypse started, Gabriel and Noma were in cahoots to kill Alex – but Noma couldn't do it. Back in Mallory, Michael confesses to Gabriel about the death of Lucifer all those years ago. Yes, he died, but Michael never destroyed his remains.

Meanwhile, General Riesen/Duma, rolls into town and tells the people of Vega to bring him the head of Alex or he'll kill them all.  As Arika and David reunite and decide to flee to Helena together, Arika catches up with Claire and asks that they all go. Alex tells Claire she has to go because she's important. And Claire agrees – psyche! – she gets herself captured and taken to her dad's control room so that she can kill him before Alex would have to. And now she's face to face with the murderous angel named Duma who lives in the body of her dear old dad.

As Claire argues with Duma, he takes her weapon. Then Duma switches back to the General and the Riesens share a touching reunion. It's a confusing state of things for the Riesens. Alex arrives with guns blazing, and then the General switches back to Duma and holds Claire hostage, while he monologues for enough time for the General to take over the body again. When Claire shoots Duma (and her dad!)…Duma shoots Claire! And then Noma shoots Duma! And then…holy smokes! Claire dies!

As Arika flies off to Helena with her doctor and a child, David Whele is captured and brought before Duma. Yes, we'd just seen Duma get shot and fall out a window, but here he is – alive and well.

Meanwhile, Michael demands that Lucifer's keeper A.K.A. The Prophet ask for healing powers to save Gabriel from the darkness, uh…Lucifer's keeper sets Gabriel on fire, which heals him. This leads to questions being raised about Noma's loyalty—to anyone. See, Noma was on Gabriel's side until she couldn't kill Alex as a baby. And then she was on Michael's side. Lucifer's Prophet seems to suggest that she might have joined forces with another angel. But who?
Back in Vega, Noma reveals that she's gotten her wings back. And it happens just as she hears Lucifer's voice tell her to begin the plan. Oh no! Nomes. What's the plan!?