Dominion Episodes





Son of the Fallen

The good people of New Delphi (where humans and 8-Balls live together and seemingly trade things with each other in a misguided attempt at both commerce and peace), Michael and Gabriel have attacked the City and up in Julian's lair, nobody can agree on what steps to take next. Julian is a Dyad (part human, part angel), and he tries to convince Alex, Noma, and General Riesen that the smartest way to end the war is to capture Gabriel and kill him. Also everyone shouts that they're willing to die for what they believe in and also Alex kisses Noma.

This is around the time that Michael shows up and tries to guilt trip Alex with the cunning use of a flashback. See, Michael has always been Alex's protector, and now, Alex has to use Michael to get to Gabriel, even though the two angel brothers are finally working together.

Meanwhile, back in Vega, Claire and Gates have breakfast with Arika and decide that the best way to bring Zoe in is to put out a bounty for her head – dead or alive. The effect is instant, and Zoe's own people turn on her pretty quickly; which basically provides David Whele the opportunity to call her an amateur and offer his services as a hired goon that can broker a cease-fire with the city of Vega. He talks her into it because let's be honest, Zoe's not as great at this as she should be.

Back in New Delphi, Julian tells Alex that all he has to do is lure Michael into the trap, and Gabriel will follow. What's tricky is that Michael and Gabriel have gotten into a fight and Michael hurt Gabriel's leg, and runs off to find Alex. And Alex, because he's kind of having a hard time reconciling his feelings for pretty much everyone, leads Michael into the abandoned hospital wing, where Gabriel is sure to follow. Extreme betrayal!

Remember when David Whele and Arika were an item? Well, that's no more. The two meet to hammer out the terms of a cease-fire and Arika holds all of the cards and David walks away with pretty much nothing. He is infuriated by this turn of events and decides that Zoe's cause is the cause to get behind for good. All of this while Claire has a pain in her abdomen (remember, folks, she's pregnant with Alex's baby) and Gates summons the doctor.

When Alex lures Michael into the hospital wing, he's shot with one of those electrified nets.  Gabriel turns up to help, and Julian spends some time reminding everyone that he's actually an angel named Lyrae and not Julian. They were all angels who served together back in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Finally, as Arika and the obstetrician, Daria, have a nice moment (read: sexy) together, Arika reveals her secret plan: to steal the city of Vega from Claire. By force, if necessary. And that's when Jasper and David detonate the bombs that blow a big hole in the city. As they watch the explosions, Claire realizes her worst fear – David Whele has cut the city in half and started a civil war.