Dominion Episodes





Lay Thee Before Kings

So, long ago, (Old Testament long ago), Michael and Gabriel sort of ganged up on their brother Lyrae during the angel battles at Sodom and Gomorrah. And then they killed him because he was too zesty about killing humans brutally. So, eventually, Lyrae took over the body of Julian and now he's going to make them torture themselves with electricity.  The plan is a little complicated: basically they have to each hold onto a pole in order to keep electrical wires from coming down upon their heads. And then once one of them is dead, his plan is to take one of their bodies, climb inside, and be a higher angel himself. Sweet plan, bro.

Alex wakes up in a farmhouse in the middle of nowhere, with a growing constellation on his arm. He calls for Noma, but she is detained. In the yard. With a scary prophet dude, who tells her that if she brings The Chosen One to him, she will be healed.

And that takes us into one of Dominion's best features: biblical flashbacks. Long ago, Gabriel hung out on the outskirts of Jerusalem with his son. That angels had human sons is pretty big news in and of itself, but for a second, let's leave that be. Michael arrives to tell Gabriel that soldiers are coming and Gabriel says he knows what to do.

Back in Vega, it turns out that the V1 rebels are starting to send a message by killing the V6s in cold blood. This is obviously a set back for Claire, who decides she needs to speak to Zoe, one on one. So she shuts off the lights on the V1 side of town in order to get her attention. It works! Zoe arranges a meeting with Claire. Also, during a meeting, David Whele passes his watch to one of Zoe's cronies. It's suspicious, but it's David Whele.

Back in New Delphi, General Riesen is dying of heart failure when Julian drops by. They argue about the amphora, which the General says he'll never give up. And then the general talks about Clementine, his dead wife. All this as Noma and Alex make their way into a hardware store full of 8-balls who seem to have just kept going about their lives and doing their jobs, after they were possessed. Turns out the lower angels all want to be as much like the lives they took over, as possible.

Back in ye old Jerusalem, the farmers and the soldiers begin their clash, when a giant dude steps out of the crowd. Yep, this is Goliath, and Gabriel's son turns out to be David, who picks up a rock and a slingshot and kills the giant, just like in the good book and all those songs everyone sings in church.  The problem is, King Saul does not want the story getting around that a child bested his army, but the people are very excited about the fact that the kid has done so – so King Saul kills David and replaces him with a fake David that he can control. And Gabriel is furious.

When Zoe and Claire meet in an abandoned warehouse, Claire gives the warning that she'll be sending soldiers into the V1 side of the city in order to unite the place and end the war. Zoe thinks she's bluffing, but it doesn't matter because they all go running back to their vehicles when a sniper comes upon them. But how did the sniper know? Because David Whele pretty much ordered the hit. During the shoot, Claire takes a hit in the leg.

Julian introduces General Reisen to the lower angel who used to be trapped inside his wife's body, but who is now in a different body, and the General is confused when he realizes who is standing in front of him: Clementine. Also, sad news, it turns out the shot in the leg caused Claire to miscarry.

Finally, Gabriel asks Michael to go back out and make sure that he brings God back to the world, just as he grabs hold of the electric wires and fries himself in order to save Michael. Michael gets free, beats up some henchmen, saves Gabriel, but then Gabriel pushes Michael through a doorway, locking him out, and says he has to stay behind and kill Julian. Quick biblical flashback where Gabriel goes and finds the fake King David that was put in place by King Saul – and then kills pretty much everyone in town.

Meanwhile, the 8-Ball hardware store employees attack Noma and Alex, and they murder them to pieces.  Then Alex patches up her back, kisses her, and the two of them decide to keep going, but are attacked by more 8-Balls. And these ones have chainsaws.