Dominion Episodes





The Longest Mile Home

Alex and Noma pick up right where they left off, in a terrifying 8-Ball hardware store, under attack by terrifying 8-Balls with terrifying chainsaws. Alex finally decides he's had enough and takes matters into his own hands and chainsaws the head right off of the leader. Problem solved. Then Michael arrives! Noma privately tells him of that weird vision of the dude in the black hat she had.

And you know who we didn't expect to see return to the canvas of the show for a while or ever again? William Whele. But, not only is he back and alive and wanting to get into Vega – he now has a HUGE MUSTACHE! Meanwhile, his father David is on shaky ground with Zoe after he's caught talking to Arika on a walkie-talkie. (And Arika, it should be noted, now has Gates on her tail for doing the same.) When Zoe confronts David about his betrayal, she finds that half of her rebel army is now under David's command.

Back in New Delphi, General Riesen is having a hard time wrapping his mind around all this Clementine business. She's the lower angel who used to be in his wife's body, but now she's in a different body. Flashback! Let's go back to when General Riesen was just a civilian schmoe, looking into all the ways that various army dudes are crooked.

Julian, meanwhile, hooks Gabriel up to a machine that is injecting him with drugs that makes him hallucinate that Claire, Noma, and Arika have arrived to have sex with him.  It turns out that what Julian is trying to break Gabriel's mind, so that eventually he can take over his body. And he does so with some drugs and the power of suggestion. But it's definitely not them because Noma is in the desert with Alex, Claire is hobbling around fighting about strategy with Gates and Arika is pouring poison into Gates' water glass.

Julian keeps trying to convince General Riesen to become a Dyad, and another flashback reveals the day that angels began attacking Earth. It turns out, General Riesen put on the uniform of an army general named Riesen, and assumed his identity, and then when he made it home, found that his wife Clementine had already become an 8-Ball. It's still not enough to convince him to become a Dyad, but his failing heart might just be the thing that DOES convince him.
Things haven't been so great between David Whele and Zoe.  But when the chips are really down, he comes through and brings his fleet of rebel army guys to add to her fleet of rebel army guys, so they can defend against the band of Vega army guys who are about to attack. When the Vega army invades the food supply instead of the armory, Zoe is furious with David, who calls Arika, who realizes the whole thing is a trap! And then an explosion hurts Zoe while David runs away!

Meanwhile, Gates has Arika arrested and taken away, General Riesen wakes up with 8-Ball eyes and is probably a Dyad now, Gates is coughing up a lot of blood and Claire Riesen, gun in hand – SHOOTS AND KILLS ZOE.  It's a lot of things but we're not done yet. William Whele reveals that he's seen God and can save mankind, and Julian shows Gabriel his secret weapon – the amphorae!