Dominion Episodes





The Seed of Evil

The civil war in Vega continues to rage. It's V1 against V6. It's Arika being a turncoat spy and getting locked up for it! It's Claire Riesen starting to shoot rebels she doesn't like! It's David Whele twirling his mustache and encouraging all the V1s to start shooting at the rich people and fleeing with his life. Meanwhile, Julian is still acting like an insane David-Bowie-type and torturing Gabriel so that he can jump into his body and control it while Arika reveals to Claire that Zoe was just David's puppet, which leads us to: Arika's flashback, wherein we learn that she was close with her father, he was a reasonable team-building sort of leader and it got him killed.

Remember when Arika put something in Gates' water a short while back? Well, now things are really going south on him and he's started coughing up blood like someone in an old movie. He remembers that Arika had access to his water glass and takes matters into his own hands. So Gates has about 36 hours to live, and Arika will give him the antidote to the poison if he betrays the city (and Claire) by saving Arika and flying her to Helena.

Meanwhile, Michael and Alex and Noma are trying to find their way back into Vega when they stumble (literally) onto an 8-Ball army who are all sleeping, and Michael passes out and has a vision of that creepy Prophet guy. They make it back to Vega in time for Noma to kiss Alex on night-vision camera, so that Claire sees. The old jealousies, they're very real.

When Julian drops some of God's wrath (yes, exactly that) into Gabriel's eyes, the hallucinations begin, and Gabriel starts to connect Michael with being super evil, and that's when Julian tries to enter his body. But it doesn't go well. Immediately after that, Gabriel wins by standing up and being old-school archangel and convinces Julian to stab himself with a sword.

Now then, David Whele turns up at the canteen to find William preaching up a storm. You want them to have a poignant father son reunion, but William continues to be pretty churchy and David is, you know, David. So it's tense and finally William asks: "Where would Jesus be without Judas?" Ah. Touché!
Back in the fancy part of Vega, Gates figures out that he can probably find his own antidote in Arika's room, which he does – it's a flower. He saves himself, just in time to realize that Claire might have a thing for Alex still. Speaking of which, yeah. It's sad when Claire reveals to Alex what's happened to the baby.  And then: a flurry of activity!

The V1s have taken the nuclear power plant, David Whele is considering following William's insane martyr plan (didn't that go poorly last time?), and that red-headed lady who works for Arika is looking for David and kills his deputy on her way into the bar.  To top it all off, Julian has managed to live through getting cut in half, and escapes, promising to see Gabriel again and laughing his evil 70's rock star laugh. But don't worry about Gabriel, he's all hopped up on wrath and DEFINITELY going to go kill Michael now.

Finally, speaking of Michael, he keeps passing out and seeing the prophet. And you know where the prophet is headed? Yep. Mallory, Alabama. Keep the fires burning until the next episode, everyone!