Dream Machines Top 10 Dream Machines We Wish We Had As Kids

Top 10 Dream Machines We Wish We Had As Kids

10. The Flying Sub, "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea" (1964 - 1968)

It swims!  It flies!  In 1964, producer Irwin Allen adapted his feature film "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea" into a television series. Between the first and second seasons, the decision was made to goose-up the show's gadgetry—and the Flying Sub was born. Sporting sleek, manta ray-like lines and nuclear powered engines, the craft launched from bay doors beneath the submarine Seaview, the show's futuristic hub for underwater exploration, ushering Admiral Nelson and Commander Crane across the globe. The only downside to this technological marvel was its crash-dive landings into the sea, which from all appearances would induce blunt force trauma and kill everyone on board.

But daddy, I want one! Model kit company Aurora produced a polystyrene version of the Flying Sub in 1966 that was later reissued by Monogram and Tsukuda. Years later, Moebius Models produced a spectacular edition based on digital scans of the original prop.

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