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50 Cent's Jet Car Pt. 1
Season 1 - Episode 101
50 Cent's Jet Car Pt. 1
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Parker Brothers Concepts are planting their flag at the collision point of geeks and gearheads, and they couldn't be happier.  Marc and Shanon Parker are two guys with a purpose. That purpose? To bring to life the coolest, most badass pieces of kit on the road. Their bikes are legendary, but when none other than Curtis James "50 Cent" Jackson III walks into their shop wanting a custom car, are these two epic dudes and their equally awesome team up to the task?

For starters, if they're going to win 50's business, they're going to have to "wine and dine" him. Destination: JC's Barbeque, of course.  As the guys say, they'll deep-fry anything there, including Twinkies. Let the brainstorming begin… 

For his concept, 50's interested in something that wouldn't legally be on the street. Something inspired by the Formula 1 car design, and he also wants to feel like he's in a jet fighter.  It's got to be something futuristic.  It's got to be a trend-setter— just like 50. 

But no pressure. During the brainstorming session, Shanon steps up to the design board and brings his "A" game. With a design that looks like a Formula 1 car, a jet fighter, and one of Battlestar Galactica's vipers got down at a party. 

That's not the end of the Parker Brothers' geekiness, though. Marc bases his seat design on the work of none other than HR Giger, one of his favorite artists. The build starts, but there's a hitch. Marc needs a steering wheel to finish laying out the seats on the frame. Shanon's ordered the thing, but it hasn't arrived yet. Marc needs a steering wheel. Let the prank-fest begin.

John, one of the company's fabricators, conveniently has a car with an easy-to-remove steering wheel. Guess where they're going to get Marc his temporary steering wheel?  And guess who gets to test the seat base out just so the guys can see how long it takes John to realize that he's holding his own steering wheel?

There will be payback.  Oh, yes, there will be payback.

50 wants a dashboard that feels like a jet fighter. Pictures are great for basic research, but if you want the look and feel of a fighter cockpit, there's only one solution.  Marc and Shanon head to Air Combat USA to get some up close and personal looks at the inside of a fighter cockpit. They don't expect to end flying—let alone in a mock dogfight with each other. How often do you get to be in a dogfight with you brother?

While the cat's away, though, John will play. Back at the shop, it's payback time. Marc returns to find a chopper, complete with scantily clad skeleton riding, sitting on his office desk.

But later on, it isn't all fun and games at Parker Brothers Concepts.
Shanon isn't happy with the lack of progress on the car, and he's not even slightly happy with Marc. The battle between brothers is the battle between design and real-world fabrication. Lags in delivery cause lags in progress, and Shanon's idea of helping his brother isn't always the best thing in the world. Also when team member, Dan, sends 50 the CAD designs, this doesn't help matters much.

And when 50 comes in and suggests taking the car to the Big Boy Toy Show in Dubai, tightening the production schedule to something completely insane, and possibly even taking the car to production as a result? Can the guys step up and complete the build in time?

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