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50 Cent's Jet Car Takes Off
Season 1 - Episode 102
50 Cent's Jet Car Takes Off
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When we left the Parker brothers, the [fill in the blank] was about to hit the fan. Jeff had made the massive mistake of allowing designs to be sent to 50
Cent without Shanon's approval.

As if that weren't enough, now 50 has decided he wants to unveil the car at the Big Boy Toy Show in Dubai, pushing up the deadline for the car to be ready. What the boys had planned on taking a few months now has to be done in weeks.
But, no pressure.

While the crew works their butts off on the existing body design, Jeff arranges a peace offering. Shanon, Marc, Jeff, and 50 will go check out the Bondurant School of High Performance Driving in Arizona. An entire desert of badassery on four wheels, where the boys get to play and do some research into what sitting inside an F1 car feels like so they can recreate the experience. 50 loves the feel of the F1 car. Parker Brothers Concepts returns to Florida with even more of a mission.

Engine Tony finds the perfect engine in, of all places, a Suzuki motorcycle.  Marc learned at Bondurant that they'll need a high-revving engine to keep the car street-legal, but still sound like a race car when it revs. They crack the engine out of the bike's case, and haul it over to the work floor. There's one detail that Shanon is going OCD over, though, the tail. He's decided that the thing needs a more sci-fi look, so it should look like a jet fighter's afterburners. Let the metal sculpting begin. The end result looks like the rear wing on an F1 car with the sci-fi lines of TRON.

The responsibility for the paint falls in John's hands. Shanon and Marc both believe John should have the chance to prove himself as a painter. Jeff's not so sure. It's John's job to step up. Because the brothers are, well, brothers, and shouldn't be left with time on their hands while the car's in paint, they devise a prank for 50. They find the body of a child's toy race car and start to work on alleviating their boredom while they wait.

John's busting his butt. The spot-welding and sanding cause a few cracks in his paint, but he gets it in gear, loses a few more hours of sleep, and gets it the way he wants it. The car comes back to the workroom three days before delivery, and John gets his wish: Jeff telling him he did a good job.

With John done on the real paint job, Shanon drafts him to help with painting the prank car, which goes well until the inevitable happens...they run out of paint. Shanon still has enough to paint an "I <3 50 Cent!" on the side of John's old, beat-up station wagon, though. Prank?  What prank?

There's one component to the design left, the heads-up display. Shanon wants to use the output of something like an iPad, channeled into a projected screen similar to the glass computer panels in Minority Report.  The mini-projector, though, is evil and Marc hates it.

With twelve hours to delivery, the engine isn't working. On top of that, the custom brakes are stuck in Memphis. Marc pulls someone to specially-build brakes for the thing, because otherwise it's going to be a paperweight. With five hours left, the engine finally turns over. The cheer through the workroom is almost as loud as the engine itself.

Finally, the words they've been dreading, "Guys, better have that car done.  50's here."

It's reveal time. And the prank car goes over about as well as the boys could have wanted. 

When the time comes to show 50 the finished car, he's like a kid on Christmas morning. Everything is working and awesome. Shanon's heads-up display even includes the touch-screen of the iPad as its base. 50 says he's lucky they got the interview, because he wanted to go out and drive. And with that, Parker Brothers Concepts now has one very well-known, very influential, very happy customer.

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