Dream Machines Episodes

Attack of the Pink & Green Machines
Season 1 - Episode 103
Attack of the Pink & Green Machines
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Shanon Parker is the poster boy for the old saying: "growing older is mandatory, growing up is optional." This time, our favorite epic designer has decided to build an adult-sized toy from his childhood, the Green Machine. To crank that bad boy up to full-sized, though, they're at least going to need one of the biggest tires ever put on a motorized trike. 

Sometimes, the boys build rides for clients, and sometimes, they build a project just to show people that they build things nobody has even thought of yet. This will be one of those projects.

After tearing through the shop on their own Green Machines, Marc and Shanon decide the best design is going to be a combination of the old trike they grew up with and the new version with its modern design. Pen in hand, Shanon goes to the drawing board.

That's when the Susan G. Komen Foundation calls. They're looking for a big-ticket item for a charity auction in two weeks. Marc thinks something as over the top as an adult Green Machine is exactly what they're looking for.  They've already got one going. How hard can it be to build two?
Famous.  Last.  Words.

Marc tells Misty from the Komen Foundation that he's known several people who've been affected by breast cancer, so it's a cause near and dear to him. Misty wants to make sure the pink the boys use is the Susan G. Komen Pink. That shouldn't be a problem.

Did we mention famous last words?

The build begins, and Shanon decides to help increase his efficiency by roller-skating through the office, much to Marc's usual annoyance. They are met with a mega-problem right off. The only part they have in-house is the engine.  That's it.  They have two weeks, and everything has to be ordered.
Dean "Ball Peen", parts maestro, finds a tire that's exactly the size they need for the build. They'll even manufacture a rim. The guys order two, and yes on the overnight delivery.

So they can work in the meantime, John cuts a wooden mock-up. When Marc has a chance to put the rear wheels in place, they put Fro in the driver's seat to check the scale. It's perfect.

Just like the timing. It's Shanon's birthday. This means one thing: Marc's going to be driven nuts. The first thing Marc did when his parents came home with Shanon was rip hair out of his little brother's head. Marc's convinced Shanon's spending his life getting revenge. Karen makes sure that her husband gets to celebrate his birthday in the shop. Marc gets to give his little brother a pie in the face.

After messing around on Fro's bike, Shanon decides a mag wheel would be awesome on the Pink Machine.  Marc isn't quite on that page. Let the battle commence over which of them is right.

When the parts finally arrive, the team gets to work. The initial body design is done on cardboard wrapped around the frame, that way thy have a pre-drawn template to cut the metal. Everything then should fit together smoothly. When fabrications done, it's time for paint.

While the bodies are away for painting, the boys will play. It's family skate night, complete with embarrassing gold lamé shirts. Later, they go to Metal Mafia to pick up the bodies, only to find the Susan G. Komen pink comes out purple. Metal Mafia busts their asses, and repaints the entire Pink Machine to the right shade in a day.

Final assembly of the Green Machine goes off without much of a hitch, until Marc's test drive sends the trike into a fence post, breaking the frame in half.  The brake pressure is nonexistent when Marc goes to hit the brakes. Now they have to fix and reinforce the Pink Machine in next to no time. Shanon gets to test drive this time, and everything works like a dream. 

Auction night arrives, and the Pink Machine raises $35,000 for the Foundation.

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