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John Cena's Incenerator
Season 1 - Episode 105
John Cena's Incenerator
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Normally, a call from the WWE would make anyone nervous. When it's giving you a heads-up that WWE superstar John Cena is about to FaceTime you? Welcome to the 21st Century at Parker Brothers Concepts.

There's a present from John Cena outside. It's a Corvette, a classic piece of Americana.  He doesn't want them to tint the windows or put a new set of rims on.  He wants them to grab the heaviest thing they can and destroy it. The car he wants the guys to build for him needs the engineering of a Corvette, but the body by the Parker Brothers. It breaks their hearts, but they take an enormous wrench to the thing. John Cena gives them a couple of days to strip it down, then he's coming down to see what they want to do with the machine.

When he arrives, Marc and the guys are finishing a methodical stripping of the car. Cena blows a gasket. It's not fast enough.  Marc puts his game face on and listens to the client vent, while Donnie's wondering how fast he can get to the nearest exit. When Cena breaks a smile and says he's just messing with them, Marc finally gets to breathe again.

The design meeting goes well, with John Cena really enjoying the main two designs Shanon's come up with. Is there anything he wants them to make sure is incorporated into the finished car?  Yes, three words: hustle, loyalty, and respect.  They can do this. But what about the doors? Shanon's concept of a clamshell that allows him to walk over the front of the vehicle in an exhibit of WWE-level showmanship is one that John Cena truly likes.

After a few nerve-wracking donuts in a Corvette that is stripped to its engine and wheels, the Incenarator is commissioned.

Family is integral to Parker Brothers Concepts, and Ron's niece and son are both huge John Cena fans. The guys convince Cena to stick around long enough for Ron to bring them into the shop. This makes the kids' days. Valerie nearly has a heart attack when Cena walks into Shanon's office. It's the family environment that appeals to the WWE superstar, and he respects the family-run feeling that the brothers have created.

It's time to start laying out the Incenarator. They break out the cold-rolled steel rods and start sculpting the design around the Corvette frame. This lets Shanon make sure his design will actually allow room in the car. Brothers will be brothers, and when Shanon thinks a 28-inch wheel will work in the cold-rolled frame, he will not listen to Marc's voice of reality. Marc has had it, and throws up his hands and walks out to his office.

Shanon heads over to Paragon Plastics to help out with the canopy. It's shaping up exactly as he had hoped.

What good is a badass intro without some pyro, right? Time to bring in Andy from Orlando Special Effects to see what they can do.  Shanon's idea is to use the exhaust from the engine and have it become a flamethrower. It needs to be safe, but it needs to also be entertaining. They rig the beast up, but it's time to get over to Composite Technologies to check on the body panels.

Composite Technologies is good, but they need a wheel size to work with. Shanon initially says he wants 28-inchers, but finally comes around and admits Marc's right.  They'll go with 24-inch wheels.

Unfortunately, the wheels also hold a major, major problem. The wheel opening in the body doesn't sit properly over the front wheels. There's a difference of around four inches that needs to be dealt with. The Composite Tech guys come up with a solution, but it's going to require the guts of the car coming back again to make sure it's mated up properly. It's not easy, but they pull it off.

Marc and the guys fill the dash with foam, and Marc begins sculpting out the interior. Finally, they get it to a point where they can finish the interior at Composite while the guys work on installing the canopy. Vehicular multitasking at its most exhausting. After adding a hot two-tone paint job, the HLR goes onto the back. Hustle. Loyalty. Respect. Subtle, but it's right there in a production-vehicle appearance. After a successful test drive, it's off to meet its new owner.

John Cena is blown away.  "Parker Brothers for life."

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