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12 Monkeys

10 Full Episodes
S3.E1 Mother
S3.E2 Guardians
S3.E3 Enemy
S3.E4 Brothers
S3.E5 Causality
S3.E6 Nature
S3.E7 Nurture
S3.E8 Masks
S3.E9 Thief
S3.E10 Witness


13 Full Episodes
S1.E1 RVL 6768
S1.E2 In Rats Alley
S1.E3 In Our Empty Rooms
S1.E4 Fever Of The Bone
S1.E5 A Clatter And A Chatter
S1.E6 Madame Sosostris
S1.E7 What The Thunder Said
S1.E8 Here Is No Water But Only Rock
S1.E9 The Barbarous King
S1.E10 Hieronymo's Mad Againe
S1.E11 Where The Dead Men Lost Their Bones
S1.E12 Now That We Talk of Dying
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Channel Zero

6 Full Episodes
S1.E1 You Have To Go Inside
S1.E2 I'll Hold Your Hand
S1.E3 Want To See Something Cool?
S1.E4 A Strange Vessel
S1.E5 Guest Of Honor
S1.E6 Welcome Home

Cosplay Melee

6 Full Episodes
S1.E6 AniMelee
S1.E5 Superheroes
S1.E4 War Games
S1.E3 Angels And Demons
S1.E2 Throne Off
S1.E1 A Night at the Space Opera

The Expanse

5 Full Episodes
S2.E13 Caliban’s War
S2.E12 The Monster and the Rocket
S2.E11 Here There Be Dragons
S2.E10 Cascade
S2.E9 The Weeping Somnambulist

Face Off

143 Full Episodes
S11.E14 Battle of the Beasts
S11.E13 Gargoyle Guardians
S11.E12 Tiki Twist
S11.E11 Intergalactic Congress
S11.E10 Cursed Covens
S11.E9 Frightening Families
S11.E8 Odd Couples
S11.E7 Puppet Masters
S11.E6 Wasteland Warriors
S11.E5 Troubling Transformations
S11.E4 Snow Queens
S11.E3 Monster High
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5 Full Episodes
S1.E6 Sweating the Asset
S1.E7 Executables
S1.E8 Operational Realignment
S1.E9 Burning Platform
S1.E10 Golden Parachute


20 Full Episodes
S1.E1 Bangarang
S1.E2 The Sugar Point Run
S1.E3 The Harvest
S1.E4 Vessel
S1.E5 A Glitch in the System
S1.E6 One Blood
S1.E7 Kiss Kiss, Bye Bye
S1.E8 Come the Rain
S1.E9 Enemy Khlyen
S1.E10 Escape Velocity
S2.E1 Dutch and the Real Girl
S2.E2 Wild, Wild Westerley
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The Magicians

5 Full Episodes
S2.E13 We Have Brought You Little Cakes
S2.E12 Ramifications
S2.E11 The Rattening
S2.E10 The Girl Who Told Time
S2.E9 Lesser Evils

Paranormal Witness

64 Full Episodes
S1.E1 The Girl With No Face
S1.E2 Kentucky UFO Chase
S1.E3 Watched in the Wilderness
S1.E4 The Haunting of Mansfield Mansion
S1.E5 The Dangerous Game
S1.E6 The Rain Man
S2.E1 Man in the Attic
S2.E2 Brooklyn Haunting
S2.E3 Capitol Theater Haunting
S2.E4 The Dybbuk Box
S2.E5 Lady on the Stairs
S2.E6 The Apartment
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Van Helsing

3 Full Episodes
S1.E1 Help Me
S1.E2 Seen You
S1.E3 Stay Inside