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12 Monkeys

6 Full Episodes
S2.E6 Immortal
S2.E5 Bodies of Water
S2.E4 Emergence
S2.E3 One Hundred Years
S2.E2 Primary
S2.E1 Year of the Monkey


12 Full Episodes
S3.E1 The World We Seize
S3.E2 Broken Bough
S3.E3 Dead Air
S3.E4 History Rhymes
S3.E5 Where the Apples Fell
S3.E6 The Beauty of Our Weapons
S3.E7 My Name is Datak Tarr and I Have Come to Kill You
S3.E8 Ostinato in White
S3.E9 When Twilight Dims The Sky Above
S3.E10 Of a Demon in My View
S3.E11 The Awakening
S3.E12 Upon the March We Fittest Die


13 Full Episodes
S2.E1 Heirs of Salvation
S2.E2 Mouth of the Damned
S2.E3 The Narrow Gate
S2.E4 A Bitter Truth
S2.E5 Son of the Fallen
S2.E6 Reap the Whirlwind
S2.E7 Lay Thee Before Kings
S2.E8 The Longest Mile Home
S2.E9 The Seed of Evil
S2.E10 House of Sacrifice
S2.E11 Bewilderment of Heart
S2.E12 Day of Wrath
S2.E13 Sine Deo Nihil

The Expanse

5 Full Episodes
S1.E1 Dulcinea
S1.E2 The Big Empty
S1.E3 Remember The Cant
S1.E5 Back to the Butcher

Face Off

15 Full Episodes
S10.E1 Wanted Dead or Alive
S10.E2 Child's Play
S10.E3 Lost Languages
S10.E4 Covert Characters
S10.E5 Foreign Bodies
S10.E6 Death's Doorstep
S10.E7 The Gauntlet II
S10.E8 Smoke and Mirrors
S10.E9 Bottled Up
S10.E10 Keep One Eye Open
S10.E11 The Art of Warcraft
S10.E12 Skull Island: Reign of Kong
S10.E13 Sinister Showdown Part 1
S10.E14 Sinister Showdown Part 2
S9.E1 Intergalactic Zoo


5 Full Episodes
S5.E22 A Matter of Time
S5.E23 Blind Spot
S5.E24 The Widening Gyre
S5.E25 Now
S5.E26 Forever


7 Full Episodes
S1.E7 Kissing the Machine
S1.E6 Bunker Soldier
S1.E5 Her Body in My Soul
S1.E4 Love and Violence
S1.E3 Maid of Orleans
S1.E2 Messages
S1.E1 The Beginning and The End

The Internet Ruined My Life

6 Full Episodes
S1.E1 #CancelColbert
S1.E2 Food Fight
S1.E3 Sext Gone Wrong
S1.E4 Adults Only
S1.E5 Gleek Tragedy
S1.E6 Video Villain


10 Full Episodes
S1.E1 Bangarang
S1.E2 The Sugar Point Run
S1.E3 The Harvest
S1.E4 Vessel
S1.E5 A Glitch in the System
S1.E6 One Blood
S1.E7 Kiss Kiss, Bye Bye
S1.E8 Come the Rain
S1.E9 Enemy Khlyen
S1.E10 Escape Velocity

The Magicians

13 Full Episodes
S1.E1 Unauthorized Magic
S1.E2 Source of Magic
S1.E3 Consequences of Advanced Spellcasting
S1.E4 The World in the Walls
S1.E5 Mendings, Major and Minor
S1.E6 Impractical Applications
S1.E7 The Mayakovsky Circumstance
S1.E8 The Strangled Heart
S1.E9 The Writing Room
S1.E10 Homecoming
S1.E11 Remedial Battle Magic
S1.E12 Thirty - Nine Graves
S1.E13 Have You Brought Me Little Cakes?

The Magicians en Español

13 Full Episodes
S1.E1 Unauthorized Magic (Spanish Subtitles)
S1.E2 Source of Magic (Spanish Subtitles)
S1.E3 Consequences of Advanced Spellcasting (Spanish Subtitles)
S1.E4 The World in the Walls (Spanish Subtitles)
S1.E5 Mendings, Major and Minor (Spanish Subtitles)
S1.E6 Impractical Applications (Spanish Subtitles)
S1.E7 The Mayakovsky Circumstance (Spanish Subtitles)
S1.E8 The Strangled Heart (Spanish Subtitles)
S1.E9 The Writing Room (Spanish Subtitles)
S1.E10 Homecoming (Spanish Subtitles)
S1.E11 Remedial Battle Magic (Spanish Subtitles)
S1.E12 Thirty - Nine Graves (Spanish Subtitles)
S1.E13 Have You Brought Me Little Cakes? (Spanish Subtitles)

Paranormal Witness

15 Full Episodes
S4.E1 The Motel
S4.E2 Nightmare on Chestnut Street
S4.E3 The Molech
S4.E4 Suzy Doll
S4.E5 Poppy's Revenge
S4.E6 The Dark Pond
S4.E7 Demon House
S4.E8 Sacred Ground
S4.E9 The Fireplace
S4.E10 The Real Conjuring
S4.E11 When Hell Freezes Over
S4.E12 Beneath the Rock
S4.E13 Ashes to Ashes
S3.E20 The Rendelsham Files
S3.E19 The Exorcist

Wynonna Earp

9 Full Episodes
S1.E9 Bury Me With My Guns On
S1.E8 Two - Faced Jack
S1.E7 Walking After Midnight
S1.E6 Constant Cravings
S1.E5 Diggin' Up Bones
S1.E4 The Blade
S1.E3 Leavin' On Your Mind
S1.E2 Keep The Home Fires Burning
S1.E1 Purgatory