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12 Monkeys

6 Full Episodes
S4.E6 Die Glocke
S4.E5 After
S4.E4 Legacy
S4.E3 45 RPM
S4.E2 Ouroboros
S4.E1 The End

Blood Drive

11 Full Episodes
S1.E13 Finish Line
S1.E12 Faces of Blood Drive
S1.E11 Episode XI: Rise of the Primo
S1.E10 Scar Tissue
S1.E9 The Chopsocky Special
S1.E8 A Fistful of Blood
S1.E7 Gentleman's Agreement
S1.E5 The Dead
S1.E4 In the Crimson Halls of Kane Hill
S1.E3 Steel City Nightfall
S1.E2 Welcome to Pixie Swallow

Channel Zero: Butcher's Block

6 Full Episodes
S3.E6 Sacrifice Zone
S3.E5 The Red Door
S3.E4 Alice in Slaughterland
S3.E3 All You Ghost Mice
S3.E2 Father Time
S3.E1 Insidious Onset

Channel Zero: Candle Cove

6 Full Episodes
S1.E1 You Have To Go Inside
S1.E2 I'll Hold Your Hand
S1.E3 Want To See Something Cool?
S1.E4 A Strange Vessel
S1.E5 Guest Of Honor
S1.E6 Welcome Home

Channel Zero: No-End House

6 Full Episodes
S2.E6 The Hollow Girl
S2.E5 The Damage
S2.E4 The Exit
S2.E3 Beware The Cannibals
S2.E2 Nice Neighborhood
S2.E1 This Isn't Real

Con Man

13 Full Episodes
S1.E13 Too Much Closure for Comfort
S1.E12 Found and Lost
S1.E11 Full Release
S1.E10 Thank You for Your Service
S1.E9 Sinking Feelings
S1.E8 Voiced Over
S1.E7 Doll Faced
S1.E6 A Fluid Thing
S1.E5 Baby Boom
S1.E4 Handicapableing It All Up
S1.E3 Behind the Lines
S1.E2 Cash Poor
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Cosplay Melee

6 Full Episodes
S1.E1 A Night at the Space Opera
S1.E2 Throne Off
S1.E3 Angels And Demons
S1.E4 War Games
S1.E5 Superheroes
S1.E6 AniMelee

The Expanse

5 Full Episodes
S3.E11 Fallen World
S3.E10 Dandelion Sky
S3.E9 Intransigence
S3.E8 It Reaches Out
S3.E7 Delta-V

Face Off

159 Full Episodes
S13.E3 Aztec Aliens
S13.E2 Moonlight Monsters
S13.E1 Face Your Fears
S12.E10 Journey Into Fear: Part 2
S12.E9 Journey Into Fear: Part 1
S12.E8 Amusing Aliens
S12.E7 Feral Fungi
S12.E6 Possessed Possessions
S12.E5 String Theory
S12.E4 Dante’s Demons
S12.E3 Dream House
S12.E2 Hive Mind
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Face Off: Game Face

7 Full Episodes
S1.E7 The Killer Behind the Mask
S1.E6 From A Galaxy Far, Far Away
S1.E5 Mutants Wear Makeup Too
S1.E4 Stone Cold Superheroes
S1.E3 Things Get Harry
S1.E2 Makeup to the Max
S1.E1 Sy-BORG Showdown


10 Full Episodes
S9.E6 The Butterjunk Effect
S9.E5 Zapp Dingbat
S9.E4 The Thief of Baghead
S9.E3 Decision 3012
S9.E2 A Farewell to Arms
S9.E1 The Bots and the Bees
S8.E13 Reincarnation
S8.E12 Overclockwise
S8.E11 Cold Warriors
S8.E10 The Tip of the Zoidberg

Ghost Wars

13 Full Episodes
S1.E13 ...My Soul to Keep
S1.E12 There's No More Room In Hell
S1.E11 The Feast
S1.E10 The Pain Connection
S1.E9 Post-Apocalypse Now
S1.E8 Two Graves
S1.E7 Whistle Past the Graveyard
S1.E6 We Need To Talk About Abigail
S1.E5 Whatever Happened to Maggie Rennie
S1.E4 The Exorcism of Marcus Moon
S1.E3 The Curse of the Copper Head Road
S1.E2 The Ghost in the Machine
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3 Full Episodes
S1.E3 When Christmas Was Christmas
S1.E2 What Smiles Are For
S1.E1 Saint Nick

Jim Henson's Creature Shop Challenge

8 Full Episodes


30 Full Episodes
S3.E10 Wargasm
S3.E9 Reckoning Ball
S3.E8 Heist, Heist, Baby
S3.E7 The Wolf You Feed
S3.E6 Necropolis Now
S3.E5 Attack The Rack
S3.E4 The Lion, The Witch & The Warlord
S3.E3 The Hullen Have Eyes
S3.E2 A Skinner, Darkly
S3.E1 Boondoggie
S2.E10 How to Kill Friends and Influe
S2.E9 Johnny Be Good
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5 Full Episodes
S1.E5 House of Zod
S1.E4 The Word of Rao
S1.E3 The Rankless Initiative
S1.E2 House of El
S1.E1 Pilot

The Magicians

5 Full Episodes
S3.E13 Will You Play with Me?
S3.E12 The Fillorian Candidate
S3.E11 Twenty-Three
S3.E10 The Art of the Deal
S3.E9 All That Josh

Paranormal Witness

64 Full Episodes
S5.E4 The Contract
S5.E3 From H.E.L.L.
S4.E13 Ashes to Ashes
S4.E12 Beneath the Rock
S4.E11 When Hell Freezes Over
S4.E10 The Real Conjuring
S4.E9 The Fireplace
S4.E8 Sacred Ground
S4.E7 Demon House
S4.E6 The Dark Pond
S4.E5 Poppy's Revenge
S4.E4 Suzy Doll
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12 Full Episodes
S1.E12 Resurrection
S1.E11 Back to One
S1.E10 Green-On-Blue
S1.E9 Uncle Bubba
S1.E8 You're Not My Momma
S1.E7 Echoes of My Mind
S1.E6 Dr. Dredge M.D.
S1.E5 Tangled Web
S1.E4 Through The Looking Glass
S1.E3 Half Truths & Half Breeds
S1.E2 The Dredge
S1.E1 Pilot

Van Helsing

5 Full Episodes
S2.E13 Black Days
S2.E12 Crooked Falls
S2.E11 Be True
S2.E10 Base Pair
S2.E9 Wakey, Wakey