EurekaEureka Timeline- A Blast From the Past

Eureka Timeline- A Blast From the Past

Back To The Future

During season 4, Eureka experienced a blast from the past that sent the town through a worldwind of changes. Get caught up on the adventures here!

* Grace's malfunctioning PTSD recovery software causes the town to hallucinate.

* The group discovers that someone is targeting a weapon called a DED that releases an electromagnetic pulse powerful enough to destroy bridges and buildings.

* Grant, still unaware of Beverly Barlowe's evil intentions, helps her steal the DED.

* Carter and Allison are officially an item! Grant is totally out of the romantic picture.

* Jo and Zane discover that Beverly Barlowe's father, Adam, stole the plans for the Bridge

* Allison and Henry approach Beverly's hideout as Beverly tells Grant she stole the DED to power a new version of the Bridge Device. When they turn it on, their base explodes, injuring Henry and killing Allison.

* Carter rushes to the scene too late to save Allison. He finds and attacks Grant. The new Bridge Device is still running, and sends them back to 1947.

* Carter discovers the recording Grant made regarding him, and records an urgent message to his contemporary self to save Allison.

* Back in the present day, Carter receives the message in time and saves Allison's life, but Beverly Barlowe gets away.

* Zane won't be put off by Jo any longer. Since she won't answer his questions, he looks for information in a kiss. They are both bewildered, but Jo puts a stop to any further romance.

* Grant finally understands that he was wrapped up in an evil plot, and realizes he's a liability to Eureka. He gathers his belongings and bids a bittersweet adieu to his friends.

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