Duck Duck Goose
Season 2 - Episode 205
Duck Duck Goose
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Science fair day at Eureka's Tesla School is a high-stakes competition among the town's teenage geniuses for a coveted first prize: a career-making internship at Global Dynamics. Events, however, conspire to distract Jack Carter from this powder keg of adolescent ambition. Most prominently, a meteorite hits his Jeep, and when he visits Global Dynamics to find some answers, he's snared in a new security field that Dr. Jane Harrington has designed to immobilize intruders.

When Jack finally reaches Global's Near-Earth Asteroid Tracking station, astronomer Aaron Finn informs him that the "meteorite" is actually a chunk of an old Chinese satellite. Moments later, a discarded toilet from the International Space Station crashes nearby. Jack, Finn and Henry quickly discover that thousands of pieces of metallic space junk, formerly in stable orbits, are inexplicably being drawn toward Eureka. The town is in grave danger from these missiles.

After wondering if this is a military project gone awry and even placing Finn under the lens of suspicion, Jack and Henry still can't figure out why this is happening. More debris falls, and then, bizarrely, a flock of mechanical geese built by Taggart slams into the roof of Global Dynamics - because their internal compasses aren't working. Because both metal debris and compasses are being affected, Jack makes a wild guess: someway, somehow, magnets are behind this.

On a hunch, Jack visits the ongoing science fair. He runs right into a showdown between Megan, the coolest girl in school, and Zoe. Zoe, sick of enduring Megan's mockery, has sabotaged Megan's project, causing the solar-powered medical scanning device to behave like a magnet. It isn't powerful enough to affect the space junk, but Jack recognizes that Megan's invention resembles a device he noticed earlier on the roof of Global Dynamics. It's the solar power source for the new security system built by Jane Harrington - Megan's mother.

Jane confesses that she stole her daughter's research because she desperately needed a power source for her project. Unfortunately, that power source interacted badly with the electromagnetic security umbrella over Global's headquarters, turning the umbrella into a magnet strong enough to suck objects down from orbit. Jack has found his culprit, but it's too late. The massive cloud of space junk has already been pulled into a direct trajectory for Eureka. Unless someone knows how to counteract the force of gravity itself, thousands of unnatural meteorites will soon destroy the town.


written by

Ethan Lawrence


directed by

Michael Lange



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