Noche de Suenos
Season 2 - Episode 206
Noche de Suenos
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After a truck carrying toxic waste from Global Dynamics has a serious crash, Allison orders Jack to investigate. As the truck's driver recovers in Global's infirmary, Jack and Lupo check out the incident and find nothing amiss. A couple nights later, however, several people at Global share a dream in which the trucker dies - and in the morning, the man really is dead. The only reason that Jack believes this crazy story is that he and Lupo just shared a dream, too.

Soon, more townsfolk report shared dreams. Relationships fracture as people are shocked by their friends' fantasies. Jack struggles to keep order and find the cause of this bizarre epidemic. He rules out the toxic waste that spilled from the crashed truck and runs down another theory or two, but nothing pans out.

What he doesn't know is that Allison and Stark may be responsible for the chaos. Desperate to understand Kevin Blake's strange link to Stark's mysterious artifact, Allison has allowed Stark to install a device in Kevin's bedroom that enables her to share her son's dreams. So far, Allison has dreamed that Kevin showed her a glowing vista, which he claimed meant "everything."

Stark, awed, interprets Kevin's comment to mean that the artifact is an antenna for the Akashic field - a unified field that encompasses infinite knowledge and experience. Allison, less concerned with cosmic revelations than with protecting her son and town, feels guilty and wants to shut off the device. Stark vows that the dream machine isn't powerful enough to affect the whole town and insists on continuing the experiment.

Henry eventually discovers that the shared dreams are causing levels of a neurotransmitter - acetylcholine - to rise so high that the dreamers lose muscle control. This is what happened to the truck driver: he lost his ability to breathe and died. Now other townsfolk, including Lupo, are collapsing, and Jack himself won't be far behind.

During an urgent consultation with Global's expert on dreaming, Jack notices that the scientist's main piece of equipment - a device that reads the brain's output during a dream - bears a suspicious resemblance to a "music player" that Jack saw in Kevin's bedroom. He confronts Allison, who confesses the truth. She and Stark, however, can't understand how their low-power device could be causing this much havoc. Something in Eureka is amplifying its effect. Unless Jack can identify what that something is, he and many others will be killed by their dreams.


written by

Jaime Paglia


directed by

Eric Laneuville



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