I Do Over
Season 3 - Episode 304
I Do Over
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Allison is getting married today and the morning does not go well for Carter. His shower is cold, he cuts himself shaving and spills ketchup on his uniform. Next, he faces the unexpected arrival of Lexi (Ever Carradine), his free-spirited younger sister, and her two cats. Add allergies to his woes.

Carter heads to Global Dynamics where Allison needs help telling more than a dozen employees that they've been laid off. As Carter deals with one of them, Stark and Fargo arrive to supervise the delivery of a powerful new atomic clock, which makes Leroy Weinbrenner redundant. He was in charge of maintaining GD's old clock.

Weinbrenner's maintenance room is dark and silent, so Carter postpones the firing. That afternoon, he goes to Allison's dressing tent and prepares to walk the beautiful bride down the aisle. He is not happy about this marriage but he plays his part for Allison's sake.

As the ceremony nears its conclusion, Carter sees a flash and a ripple overhead. Then a rush of cold water douses him. In a moment, he is back in the shower!

He is confused but realizes something is seriously wrong when S.A.R.A.H. informs him that this is the wedding day. Sure enough, Lexi arrives right on cue. At GD, Carter tries to tell Allison that he is reliving the day but she just wants to get the layoffs done.

When he tells Henry what is happening, Henry reminds him that time is linear and can't repeat itself, at least not without disastrous consequences. Then Lexi tells him it is all in his head, and says he should let Allison know how he really feels about her.

Carter takes Lexi's advice. Not what Allison needs right now. Once again, the ripple interrupts the ceremony, but this time it's bigger and the effects are carrying through.  The hole in time is growing and Carter is back in his shower, very cold and very worried.

Impossible or not, someone or something has created a loop in time and it is gaining strength on each cycle. And each cycle provides only a few hours in which to reverse the process. Finally, knowing they have only minutes to spare, Carter and Stark join forces to try a solution that itself may be utterly catastrophic.


written by

Thania St. John


directed by

Matt Earl Beasley



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