Welcome Back Carter
Season 3 - Episode 310
Welcome Back Carter
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After firing Sheriff Carter, General Mansfield adds insult to injury by replacing him with "Sheriff Andy" the latest and greatest in robot technology. Mansfield's actions are too much for Jo Lupo who turns in her badge.

While Carter waits to hear if the Department of Homeland Security will hire him, everyone else struggles with losing him. Zoe is distraught and S.A.R.A.H. is beside herself, but Lexi, planning a near weightless birth in Dr. Fielding's tensor field generator, firmly believes there are forces that will keep Carter in Eureka.

When a grove of trees crash to the ground, narrowly missing Allison, Carter disputes Sheriff Andy's verdict of a simple accident. Accidents in Eureka are rarely accidents and never simple. Now mere civilians, Carter and Jo, take a wood sample to Dr. Maria Leonardo, GD's expert on trees. But their lead dries up when the tree doctor points out that they no longer have proper security clearance.

Carter finds Sheriff Andy and tells him that Dr. Leonardo knows something, but the new Sheriff who is busy testing an antenna array, politely dismisses him. Moments later, the antennae crumples and one of them pins Sheriff Andy to the ground.  Henry begins running scans and discovers that gravity wells are forming randomly around Eureka.

No sooner than Sheriff Andy is rebuilt (more or less) and back on the job, he's crushed in his own jeep. Suddenly they realize that these wells of super-gravity may not be random.  Determined to find answers, Carter, Henry and Jo team up to find out who hates the new Sheriff enough to mess with gravity and put the entire town in grave danger.


written by

Bruce Miller


directed by

Matthew Diamond 



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