Season 4 - Episode 407
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As Carter prepares for his date with Allison, Zoe realizes she left her phone at the dig site and the two head back to pick it up, but find something much worse: Derek, transformed into stone - and still alive. Soon, they discover other petrified, living bodies from the dig site and set about looking for an antidote. Zoe discovers that something may be fishy with the bone Derek found. She and Carter look through Derek's lab and find a permineralization solution that makes bones seem older than they are, meaning he planted the bone in a bid for fame, but in the process caused the dig workers to fossilize. Trying to keep Zoe out of harm's way, Carter sends her to the spa, while he quarantines the dig site. 

But the permineralization solution isn't the end of the puzzle, there's something else reacting with it causing the petrifaction process to accelerate. Zoe returns from the spa and as Carter is scolding her for flirting with Zane, she begins to petrify before his eyes. Although they're terrified, they may have a clue as to what's reacting with the solution: Zoe was exposed to limenane, a common ingredient with the concrete used at the dig site at the spa. They use molecular vapor to deliver the antidote, and in moments, Zoe is back to normal. His daughter safe, Carter returns to the theme of love and sweeps Allison away in a passionate kiss.

Henry, who has been trying to win Grace back, keeps unwittingly doing things that alternate-timeline Henry did. After talking to Carter, he decides to go to the least likely person he would ever ask for advice and do what that person would do. The person in question would be Fargo, who helps Henry arrange an impromptu dance party as he serenades his wife with "She Blinded Me With Science."

Grant goes to his secret rendezvous and is greeted by the daughter of one of his contemporaries from 1947 who delivers an ominous statement that they've been waiting for him for a very long time.


written by

Eric Wallace

directed by

Joe Morton


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