Worst Case Scenario
Season 5 - Episode 506
Worst Case Scenario
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Carter and Allison's wedding planning activities are interrupted by the disaster simulations GD is forced to go through. Simulation might not be the right word, though, considering the fact that the effects shook the building so hard that it caused real injuries. Carter gets mad at the disaster simulation expert, but he opines that he and his computer, ADA, were just doing their job.

Distracting Carter from the virtual disaster is the disaster of his personal life. Jo, thinking she laid her cards out re: their virtual relationship only to have Carter deny any attraction between the two of them, can't even look at him. When they finally talk about her anger, she realizes that she was talking to Jack's body, inhabited by Allison's mind. But there's no time to get mad at Allison, since the virtual disaster is starting to reproduce itself in the real world.

Fargo and Zane are working on a project that may locate Holly's consciousness from the matrix, but because of the disaster, Fargo is having a hard time telling her what's going on. By the time he gets a few minutes of peace with her, she's crushed by the shocking news that she's trapped, and it's clear Fargo has no idea what his next step will be.

Carter scans his mind for Eureka residents who might've helped ADA break free of her confines, but it's soon clear that the computer did all the work on her own. Since the simulated disaster ends with a missile strike, it's critical that Carter and his team shut ADA down. Her systems resist overriding, however, and since she has incapacitated the town's EM field, it looks like they'll have to shoot the missiles out of the sky with their own missiles.

That is, of course, unless someone has an extra, portable EM field. This is the one case where Zane's monkeying actually comes in handy – he has an extra, portable EM field. Carter rushes to the edges of town and sets up the field just in time to deter the missiles, and just in time to make it to the tasting that he and Allie have set up at Café Diem. Jo, who found a moment to talk to Allison about her betrayal and subsequent lie, puts her feelings behind her and toasts to the happy couple, but not without a tinge of resentment in her voice.

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