EurekaHow-ToSmart Gifts for Jack Carter

Smart Gifts for Jack Carter

You know there are those people you spend so much time with, you feel like they're your family? That's how we at feel about the folks who live and work in Eureka. They're so much a part of our lives that we can't help daydreaming about what we'd give them for the holidays if we saw them in the flesh. Here now is a little peek at our fantasy gift list for some of our favorite people.

Jack has had some serious lady troubles this year, from breaking up with Tess in two separate timelines to seeing Jo and Zoe fight over Zane, to meeting the love of his life only to learn that her body's been hijacked by her arch nemesis. And with all of these ladies living in his house at some point, we figure he's overdue for some solitude. That's why we'd love to give him his own man cave – a place where he could get away from the madness of Eureka to focus on the simple things, like eating chili cheese dogs and walking around in his underpants.

Sheriff Carter is certainly not the sharpest tool in Eureka's shed, technologically speaking. For common sense sheriffing, he's tops, but when it comes to the fun gadgets these scientists play with every day, Carter's missing a few of the jokes. He didn't learn until the launch of Astreus that his PDA has a camera! Time for a one-on-one workout, Jack – we're giving you a tech tutorial.

Although we have a tough time imagining Carter driving anything but his Jeep, this year it became obvious that he's gonna need a different mode of transportation. Thanks to the brilliant minds of Eureka, Carter's Jeep has been dismantled (Of Mites and Men), stolen twice by Kevin (Reprise), liquefied (One Small Step), nearly sucked into a black hole (One Giant Leap) and stolen again by a "relationship auditor" (This One Time at Space Camp). Maybe he'd like to gad about Eureka on a Vespa? Yeah, or maybe we'll just give him a back-up Jeep. You can buy him the fuzzy dice.

We can't get over how excited Carter was when he found out someone robbed a bank. His look of sheer joy was enough to keep our hearts warm all winter long! But he was crushed when he learned that the thief hadn't stolen the money, like a normal, self-respecting criminal, but had instead stolen the entire bank! We're pretty sure he'll be happy to find the Law & Order DVDs we're putting in his stocking – if he can't have straightforward crime in his real life, at least he can have it in his fantasy life.


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