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Smart Gifts for Allison

You know there are those people you spend so much time with, you feel like they're your family? That's how we at feel about the folks who live and work in Eureka. They're so much a part of our lives that we can't help daydreaming about what we'd give them for the holidays if we saw them in the flesh. Here now is a little peek at our fantasy gift list for some of our favorite people.

In The Story of O2, Allison was so happy to be living in a world where Kevin didn't have autism that she was willing to do anything for him, including stealing a forbidden fuel and adding it to his rocket in Eureka's rocket race – without his knowledge. Though Kevin was miffed and Allison was embarrassed, we recognize the love behind the move. That's why we're giving her a trophy for "Best Rocket Mom."

What do you get for the woman that's always on the go? Between building a relationship with Jack, raising two children and heading the medical department at the nation's premiere scientific research and development facility, Allison doesn't have a minute to spare. We thought about getting her a spa day, but we're pretty sure she's too wound up to enjoy it. Instead, we'll be giving her a coupon for "All Hands On Deck" – a day when everybody's job is just to help Allison do her job.

But for the days when Allison's manning her million jobs on her own, we figured a generous gift certificate for Café Diem might be appropriate. Allison probably gets about 2 hours of sleep on a good night, so she'll need all the coffee refills she can get!

In Glimpse, Carter wanted to take Allison and the kids on a fun, non-science vacation to the Baseball Hall of Fame. That vacation got canceled, of course, by Eureka being Eureka and nearly exploding, but the idea was pretty sweet. We thought Allison might like a little picture of what life is like for the rest of us, so we're getting her a baseball and a mitt to remind her that there's life outside of Eureka.

Sometimes, the best gifts are the handmade kind. Since things can get a little confusing with the whole "dual timeline" situation – Who knows what? How much?

What's the same in this timeline and what's different? – we thought it might be helpful to give Allison a collage of the dual timelines. All the events and people of this mysterious situation will be represented in picture form for easy comprehension. Think of it as a "Your anomalous life at a glance" calendar.


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