EurekaHow-ToSmart Gifts for Dr. Holly Marten

Smart Gifts for Dr. Holly Marten

You know there are those people you spend so much time with, you feel like they're your family? That's how we at feel about the folks who live and work in Eureka. They're so much a part of our lives that we can't help daydreaming about what we'd give them for the holidays if we saw them in the flesh. Here now is a little peek at our fantasy gift list for some of our favorite people.

When we met Dr. Holly Marten in Reprise, she inadvertently turned Jo into a killer with her Hypnotic Suggestions mp3s. The poor doctor suffers from social anxiety and was just trying to calm herself down, but maybe she’d be better served by a CD of relaxing whale sounds. This will be our little contribution to her so that she can feel more peaceful AND stop endangering people’s lives.

Holly strikes us as someone who likes to do her research. She also seems like a totally loveable geek. That’s why we’re giving her DVDs of some of the greatest space stories that have graced the big or little screens. There’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Last Starfighter, the complete Star Trek collection – original and Next Gen – and of course both seasons of Stargate Universe, just to get her up to speed.

In Clash of the Titans, we learned that Holly isn’t just using Fargo for his big, sexy brain… she also respects his body. And while a physical relationship in space is bound to be exciting at first, it might get a little dull as the astronauts on the Astreus mission reach the end of their six-month stint on Titan. We thought we’d give Holly some space-appropriate lingerie – just to keep her love life with Fargo spicy while they tour the distant moon.


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