Are You Ready To Play?
Season 1 - Episode 1
Are You Ready To Play?

Welcome to the Exit Bunker, where four teams of two battle each other and their fears in the hope of winning ten thousand dollars. In this game, it's not just if you win or lose...it's how you exit. What does that mean, exactly? Well, the teams will face challenges in three different rooms, each with a unique element of danger. And each room will claim a team as its victim, until only one team remains to contend for the 10k.

Host Curt Doussett introduces us to the eight people crazy enough to think that sounds like a good time:

Dez and Collette, a mother and son team who claim they like excitement and pain. They're in the right place.

Heather and Chris, one-time prom dates who want everyone to know: they're not here to make friends.

Jamie and Rebecca, besties who claim to be perfect.

Elgin and Angelo, who know each other because they are in a DANCE CREW. You guys, we don't want to play favorites, but...B-Boys? Come on.

But before we can send a message through space and time and our television set that we want to see some windmills, Monotone Lady Computer Announcer (MLCA) tells the contestants it's time for their first challenge. Forebodingly enough, THE ROOM HAS BEEN CHOSEN -- a phrase reminiscent of the end of Ghostbusters, which keeps us wondering for the rest of the episode: is Gozer now a game show host?

Surely with similar questions on their minds, the four teams enter their first room in darkness, only to find four plungers on floor. Each grabs one, and MLCA warns: "Extraction begins in 5...4..." Just what, is being extracted, you ask? Oh, only the floor. Yup, as four beams are pushed into the room, the floor slides out, leaving the teams to leap to safety just in the nick of time. This is The Beam Room, and the contestants will be answering visual puzzles as fast as they can in order to hold on to surface area to stand on. Every second they don't solve the puzzle, an inch of beam is retracted, until one team falls into the abyss below.

Right off the bat, Dez and Collette struggle with the puzzles, while Team Prom and the B-Boys impress us with their problem-solving, and hold on to solid ground. The Perfect Girls drop down to only 17 inches of beam for the two of them to stand on, giving Dez and Collette an inch of daylight, but in the end, the mother and son team can't get their last puzzle, and fall out of the competition. Like, literally.

Back in the main room, the teams tell Curt they're happy to be standing. But will they be so happy when MLCA informs them that THE SECOND ROOM HAS BEEN CHOSEN? Yeah. Probably. They did choose to come here. STILL.

If we're going to be real, the second room is really three individual rooms, one for each team. In the rooms there is a time bomb -- the teams must defeat three trivia challenges in order to release a pair of wire cutters and diffuse the bomb. To spice things up, each time they make an incorrect guess, the room is blasted with air and a loud noise.

From the word go Team Prom continues their domination, getting through the first set of questions (matching up movie monsters with the method of their defeat) with ease.  As the Perfect Girls and B-Boys start to lose their cool, Team Prom sails through the second puzzle, pairing capitals with their states. It looks like it's a battle for second, until the final challenge, placing a biological classification next to the appropriate animals, trips Team Prom up. While they debate if a silverfish is a mollusk or insect, the other two teams get to the third puzzle. Improbably, the B-Boys pass them by, releasing the wire cutters and exiting the room first. There's a lot of excitement, as both the Perfects and the Prom-Goers get their wire cutters, but in the end, it's the Perfects who come in last. Their bomb detonates, leaving their game to perish in flames.

In the third challenge before the ten thousand dollar round, our remaining two teams enter The Mineshaft, where 7 tons of sand awaits them. They're informed that they'll be given a series of clues about a famous person or character, and after each clue, will have to wager a guess. If they get it wrong? They drop further into the sand. Get it right, and keep their heads above ground. Yikes! Quickly, it becomes apparent that the B-Boys are outmatched. Team Prom is pulling all kinds of names out of the air, and our dancing dudes are sinking deeper and deeper into the pit. They have one last chance to stay in the game, and are given the clue: "Our claim to fame is featured on the North Carolina state quarter." Alas, though we dig their dancing ways, it's hard to feel bad about the B-Boys quicksand exit when they answer: "Sonny and Cher." You guys, if Sonny and Cher are ever on a quarter, we have all failed. Gents to the end, after Curt informs them the correct answer was the Wright Brothers, the B-Boys joke that they are the wrong brothers, and with that, disappear under the sand.

At this point we realize it's a good thing Heather and Chris didn't come to Exit to make friends because if they had, all their friends are dead.

Team Prom is on to the final room, Curt's Cabin in the Woods. Not the most inviting vacation spot, this room gives contestants ten minutes to complete four tests. But as time ticks off the clock, the room's ceiling will be lowered on them. So...not a cabin so much as a trash compactor, really. Regardless, Heather and Chris are ready, and they finish the first task (ordering classic horror movies by their release dates, from oldest to most recent) within 30 seconds! The ten thousand looks like a foregone conclusion until task two -- picking four items in a list that are younger than Larry King -- throws them for a loop. Six and a half minutes later, with only three feet of clearance left in the room, they move on to their third task, the odds stacked against them. In this challenge, Team Prom is given a number (i.e. 18) and a statement (i.e. the number of bathrooms in the White House) and then they have to answer: is the truth more, or less? Heather and Chris nail this one, and with 40 seconds to spare, face the final task, answering three pop culture questions correctly. Laying on the ground, as things around them are crushed by the quickly advancing ceiling, Team Prom gets three right in four tries. With only three seconds left on the clock, they win the ten thousand dollars!

Curt seems disappointed to let anyone leave the Exit bunker, especially with the 10k. But another set of victims teams will be headed his way shortly, and he parts us with a warning for them -- they won't be so lucky.

And then he and MLCA laugh maniacally. In our minds.

What did you think of the first episode of Exit? Would you have been able to handle the pressure?

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