Face OffWhere Are They Now? - Beki

Where Are They Now? - Beki

Beki Ingram

Beki Ingram was a contestant on the second season of Face Off!

Where are you now?

I am a Resident Artist for Robert Kurtzman's Creature Corps & Kurtzman Institute of Art. Creature Corps is a fully functioning SFX production house that has a Haunted Attractions Specialty Costume/Prop Merchandise Line that is sold around the world to various haunted attractions. Check out our Haunted House!

I also focus on several films throughout the year - some of my most recent credits are: John Dies at the End (Don Coscerelli), Jug Face (Chad Kinkle/Moderncine), All Cheerleaders Die (Lucky McKee, Chris Sivertson/Moderncine), Late Phases (Adrian Garcia Bogliano/Glass Eye Pix), Axe Giant - The Wrath of Paul Bunyan (Gary Jones/Syfy). In addition to the films, I work on several projects with bands including Mushroomhead & Midnight Syndicate.

At Kurtzman Institute of Art, I teach several courses and am heavily involved in the Visual Communications/Promotions of the Program. I also keep creating a steady body of art work, including Paintings/Illustrations/Photographs which are displayed and sold around the world

In addition to all of that, I also collaborate on numerous independent artistic projects with my companion, House.

What's one thing about being on Face Off that a viewer might not realize?

Three things: First off, It seems like the contestants have a week to accomplish the given task when, in reality, we are on a 3 day rotation with a time frame on average being 16-18 non-consecutive hours of work from concept to completion with a minimum of 2 housemates eliminated each week. That's pretty tough.

Secondly, the amount of damage that the body takes during the process: Fatigue of the body and mind coupled with high speed Intense power sets involving conceptualizing, sculpting, mold making, and hustling around the shop to meet needed deadlines. It is like going into SFX Marine Corp Boot Camp. Seriously.

And lastly, we are not given endless amounts of research materials for concepts: No internet image searches, just a few books - but mostly just your imagination and knowledge on any given topic. You need one big Imagination Station in your brain for that kind of creativity.

What's your favorite memory from your time on the show?

Face off Season 2 cast/crew Members hold a special place in my heart - every day we shared some type of memorable moment together. My favorite memories are the ones that never made it on air: Coming home covered in plaster and sweat, sighing with relief that we survived another day, making diner with the Face Off family as we talked about the day's events/challenges, repairing damaged egos, having fragile conversations over personal insecurities/missing our loved ones, finding a mutual ground (even if only a shred) that we could share together, hugging it out, laughing hysterically and waking up to less and less faces as we are to battle it out together all over again.

We were all strangers in the beginning struggling for the same prize and through this creative process we grew stronger together and independently. That feeling is what I hold the closest in my memory - the bond that was held between us through this intense experience.

What's one thing you learned working on Face Off that you've carried forward into your makeup work?

Reflecting on yourself via national television can be brutal and life changing - there are not enough words to express the amount of positive growth that has occurred for me since then. I have become an overall better artist, collaborator, communicator, leader, designer, make-up artist, and human because of my experience on the show - all of which I carry with me not just through my make-up work, but in my daily life.

What's something you would have done differently, looking back now?

Being accepted for Face Off Season 2 was a shock. I applied not thinking that I would actually make it to the Audition Finals...then, in the blink of an eye, there I was: battling on national television for a huge grand prize. Deep in my heart, I would change my approach to the game: Refine and focus my ideas in concept/sculpture with a heavy push on allotting more time with the finishing touches in application/paint.

Whose work, either in your season or in a subsequent season you've seen, was your favorite?

The artists chosen for Face Off are extremely talented. It is VERY hard for me to choose a favorite because I do admire the talents of all my fellow Face Off Family. The work that is done outside of the program by the contestants blows my mind. They all hold a special place on my favorites list...but if forced to choose a fellow contestant, I will always be House's #1 fan (Sweet Tooth Suzy was AWESOME!).


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