Face OffWhere Are They Now? - Nicole

Where Are They Now? - Nicole

Nicole Chilelli

Nicole Chilelli was the winner of Face Off's third season.

Where are you now?

Still living in Northern California, and so excited to be opening my own shop, Vicious Vanity Fx. Getting a team together of makeup artists for the shop and staying focused on that. I've done a lot since the show. Won a few awards, like Makeup Artist of the year from RAWards Sacramento and Vanguard award from California film foundation. Also worked at a few conventions and a couple feature films, short films, and photo shoots Just doing what I love, always!

What's one thing about being on Face Off that a viewer might not realize?

I think some people ask if it's fake or if we get help and most people don't realize that it's all us and how extremely hard it is to get a makeup done in that amount of time. I think it really pushes you as an artist, too. I grew so much after being on the show. I learned a ton of new things and kinda built up my confidence, too. It has been a life-changing thing for me.

What's your favorite memory from your time on the show?

That's such a hard question to answer, because there where so many huge moments that I loved. But I think the live show was it for me. I was standing there waiting for the winner's name to be called, and not once thinking it was gonna be me at all.

Then, when my name was called, just a rush of emotions went though me all at once, and then looking up to all of my close friends and family running over to me with huge smiles and hugs was so incredible. Glitter falling in the air, everyone I loved there with me, crying like a baby, in complete shock, seeing my boyfriend and my parents just being so proud and happy. It was the greatest moment in my life. I'll never forget that moment, ever.

What's one thing you learned working on Face Off that you've carried forward into your makeup work?

Really not to rush the concept. I think it showed me that, if you have a very solid concept and know where you're going with the makeup, it will turn out more successful. And just to really follow my gut on how I feel about each makeup.

What's something you would have done differently, looking back now?

I think I would have obviously done my zombie Alice better. I had grabbed an airbrush that was broken and it forced me to rush my paint job. So, I would have maybe pre-painted more and grabbed another airbrush. The paint, I think, just messed up my design, big-time.

I liked my concept of the "drink me" bottle in her chest and the "eat me" tag on the dead rabbit, but I would have changed some other things. I actually have plans to make it again, but the way I should have done it this time.

Whose work, either in your season or in a subsequent season you've seen, was your favorite?

I have always been a huge fan of Gage. I watched all of season 1, and I just loved that season. He just had such cool designs and ideas. I remember watching that and thinking how cool it would be to be as good as him to do the show. Never did I think I would be on the show, let alone win!! Gage was the reason I loved the show and it was so cool - after my season, I finally got to meet him, and he is just the nicest person ever. We are friends now, and I just love him!


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