Face OffWhere Are They Now? - Nix

Where Are They Now? - Nix

Nix Herrera

Nix Herrera was a contestant on the second season of Face Off and is now appearing on Syfy's Naked Vegas!

Where are you now?

I'm currently on SyFy's new show, Naked Vegas. It's a show dedicated to body paint. It highlights the nuances of the industry and brings to light the unique struggles and triumphs of working with the human body as your canvas.

What's one thing about being on Face Off that a viewer might not realize?

That I can apply prosthetics. It's funny, because I'll do demos at makeup conventions and fans will walk up and congratulate me for learning some special effects makeup. What they didn't know is I got my start in the haunted house industry and learned mold making and application. It was Universal Studios Orlando where I really learned fast and flawless applications, working more than eight years at Grinchmas.

What's your favorite memory from your time on the show?

Meeting Ve Neil for the first time on the back lot of Universal Studios. I'm a huge Johnny Depp and Tim Burton fan, and I've dressed up as some of her characters before I even knew she was responsible for them.

What's one thing you learned working on Face Off that you've carried forward into your makeup work?

Time management! It's been a big help on the new show. It's better to focus on making a great looking face and head on a character then to have a "blah" full body piece.

What's something you would have done differently, looking back now?

I could have focused more on my work than on taking the lead. I was so worried about what our team was doing instead of me worrying about my own work. Then, when I was at the bottom, I went into survival mode. When asked who I thought should go home, I said "Jerry" before even thinking about my own flaws. Jerry was the bigger person and agreed it was an equal downfall. I have much love for him as an artist, and even more as a person. In the end, I should have focused more on the FX part.

Whose work, either in your season or in a subsequent season you've seen, was your favorite?

I'm a fan of so many! Rayce, for sure; everything he touches turns to gold, and he's such a humble man. I also love all my central Florida people: The Garcia twins, Eric and Derek, and Laura. We've all worked together at Universal Studios over the years. It's great to show that Orlando has some fantastic artists. I also have much love for RJ for his kooky characters and Frank for his master mold making. My all time favorite is Miranda. There's just something about her work that I absolutely love. Her makeups are so clean, and it has a dark elegance. I always look forward to seeing what she does next.


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