Face OffWhere Are They Now? - Rayce

Where Are They Now? - Rayce

Rayce Bird

Rayce Bird was the winner of Face Off's second season!

Where are you now?

I have never been busier in my life (which I think is a good thing). Sometimes, it is overwhelming, but most the time, it is just downright exciting! My world has been flipped upside down and I have some really exciting projects coming up in the future. I have been working with some amazing companies such as Adobe, Istock, Samsung, Wacom, and Sony, to name a few. I have been hired out to do anything from special FX makeup, conceptual designs, 3D animation, design consulting, art directing, video game design and presentations. I also have been working on getting my web store, where we will sell t-shirts, collectors' busts, prints and sketches, up and running There are also some other secret adventures slated for the fall of 2014. To top it off, I currently just accepted a job to teach design at the University of Idaho, located in Moscow, ID. That will enable me to teach some of my wild design theories to potential entertainment giants. A lot of exciting projects coming up! My goal as an artist is to have as many irons in the fire as possible, because you never know when the next opportunity is going to take off!

What's one thing about being on Face Off that a viewer might not realize?

Face Off is a very intense competition, In fact, I thought it was much more intense than was revealed on television. When you are there in the moment, putting your art on the line, it can be a very daunting. Staying focused and moving forward is the only way to combat the madness.

What's your favorite memory from your time on the show?

I should say winning, but to be honest, it wasn't winning that was my favorite part. After the Dinoplasty episode, when I found out that I had made it into the finals, was the moment I really felt like I had made it. I was beyond excited that the judges felt that I should be in the top three. Having little experience, my No. 1 goal was to make it to the end, regardless of how it finished.

What's one thing you learned working on Face Off that you've carried forward into your makeup work?

Everything! I literally learned more in each and every episode than all the years prior to the competition. Coming in knowing virtually nothing about makeup, I came a long ways by the end of the show. Every episode was an opportunity to learn something new technically, and I made a mental check off list of things I need to understand before I could go on in the competition. It wasn't just about trying to win each episode, it was about building knowledge as quickly as possible to be a serious contender.

What's something you would have done differently, looking back now?

Well, as an artist, I am never satisfied. I look back at all my makeups and feel like I would have done all of them significantly differently. Each one of my characters had some major flaws, whether it was design elements or technical elements, none of them were even remotely acceptable to my own standards. Achieving perfection is a daily battle and it should always be that way, because the day an artist knows everything and feels unbeatable is the day they truly fail. I do think however, that the me today would easily beat the me then.

Whose work, either in your season or in a subsequent season you've seen, was your favorite?

I think everyone to step foot in the Face Off arena has done something that I like in one way or another. But, if I had to choose one favorite it would have to be Conor's haunted frog prince. This was the season and character that inspired me to try out for the show, so this character holds a lot of clout in my perspective. This was a very difficult choice to make!


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