Face OffWhere Are They Now? - Wayne

Where Are They Now? - Wayne

Wayne Anderson

Wayne Anderson was a finalist on Face Off's fourth season.

Where are you now?

On cloud 9.....couldn't be better. I have a lot of things in the works getting my creature and make up lab going in the next month.

What's one thing about being on Face Off that a viewer might not realize?

The time restraints, if the viewer is not paying close attention to the amount of time we have to create something. The show gives us 3 days to make it. But day 1 may only be 5 hours, day 2 could be 8-10 hours, and day 3 might be 4 hours to apply and 1 hour to dial it in at last looks. So, really, we only have a few hours to create a makeup. If every hour isn't accounted for that could make it or break it down to the second.

What's your favorite memory from your time on the show?

That's hard to say, because it all was enjoyable, from using all the unlimited material to meeting a group of amazing artist to the production and crew.

What's one thing you learned working on Face Off that you've carried forward into your makeup work?

I think that is pretty damn obvious: Time management is everyone's enemy, every job is different. Learning how to manage the time is key. Face Off made me look at it in a different light.

What's something you would have done differently, looking back now?

Definitely paint. I'm very much a perfectionist with my art, and seeing an incomplete piece week after week really makes me frustrated.

Whose work, either in your season or in a subsequent season you've seen, was your favorite?

Kris's Egyptian mummified goat from season four; Connor’s alien from season 1.


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