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The final four contestants feel the pressure closing in as they face their ultimate challenge. They meet McKenzie with apprehension and eagerness as she tells them that their task this week is to reimagine two characters from a fairy tale, placing them in an entirely foreign world.

Effects artists must be able to transform their models, but what do you do when your model is yourself? And what if you have to transform yourself so successfully that the person closest to you doesn't realize it's you?

This week, the contestants are being judged like never before.

Just when you thought the foundation challenge was a thing of the past, in walks Oscar-winner Steve Laporte to judge the artists' skills as they "lay hair" (that's "make a beard" for you ordinary mortals.) Though Anthony is confident in his hair skills, Steve is unimpressed with his Rastafarian...

The Face Off Loft is now a house divided: Those who thought Frank deserved to be eliminated, and those who thought Megan should've been the one to go. Tom makes no secret of his opinion that Conor's feelings for Megan could be his downfall.

As the group gets to know each other better, dynamics emerge: Megan wants to get closer to Conor, but Anthony can't get far enough away from Frank! He tells his roommates that if they have a team challenge, his only wish is that he's not paired with Frank.

McKenzie delivers to the contestants the next foundation challenge: Design a tattoo that has significance to them, and paint it on themselves.

The Face Off contestants, a group of 12 makeup artists from reaches as far as Hawaii and Pittsburgh, assemble for what they think will be a meet and greet – but Mackenzie Westmore, a member of the special effects makeup Westmore dynasty, informs them that the first challenge in the ultimate...