Face Off Episodes


The two teams must create a coven of warlocks or witches at war with each other. 

The remaining artists form two super teams to create a family of deranged, murderous mutants. 

The remaining teams must create two fantastical creatures who are complete opposites.

The remaining teams must create life-size puppets inspired by different types of tradesmen.

The teams must create the driver behind Mad Max-esque post apocalyptic vehicle. Oh, about that cliffhanger…

The teams must showcase a human-to-monster transformation in THREE totally distinct stages.

Inspired by unique snowflakes, the teams must create their own Snow Queen character. 

The teams must create real-life versions of Mattel's Monster High characters. Plus: A twist with judging! 

The teams must create an angel and a devil character, but have to merge them onto one model. 

16 Face Off alums return for another chance at winning, but there is a new twist. Oh, and there’s aliens.