Finale Season Premieres
Tuesday, June 5 at 9/8c

Face Off Episodes


With the final challenge out of the way, the contestants and judges from Face Off's third season took the opportunity to recollect in a special live event that would also serve as the coronation of the grand prize winner!

Only three contestants remain in the running: Nicole, who came back to the show after being eliminated, Derek, who fought on after his twin brother was eliminated, and Laura, who needs this win to jumpstart her career. Everyone has so much at stake, but they manage to focus on the task ahead.

This week, everyone will find out who will make it to the final three. The contestants are nervous as they enter Cedar Grove in Griffith Park to learn their latest assignment.

Nicole goes into this week's challenge feeling strong from last week's win, while Sarah is attuned to the unease of having the numbers of contestants drop to five after Alana leaves.

With Rod out of the house, Alana is feeling really low, and her spirits only drop when she gets her assignment for the Spotlight Challenge. Award-winning producer Brian Grazer walks them through what they'll need to know to create a human-critter hybrid in this week's "Dr. Seuss" challenge.

This week's Foundation Challenge has a special twist: Instead of the remaining contestants competing against one another, all eliminated contestants compete with each other for a chance to get back in the game.

When McKenzie tells the remaining artists that their Foundation Challenge this week is to create a beauty makeup based on the dress their model wears, several, including Rod and Roy, stop dead in their tracks.

The challenge this week is to team up with a partner and create a superhero and their sidekick inspired by a distinctive vehicle. After the contestants hear their partnerships announced and choose their vehicles, they're joined by Season 2 winner Rayce Bird.

The Foundation Challenge this week is to create a realistic-looking fight makeup, so McKenzie brings the artists to a competitive boxing gym where they meet their guest judge, Laila Ali.

The contestants meet McKenzie at a Chinese temple in the heart of L.A. where they're treated to a dynamic performance by a Chinese dragon dance team.