Finale Season Premieres
Tuesday, June 5 at 9/8c

Face Off Episodes


Everything has led to this moment: the Face Off finale. The final three contestants, Anthony, Kris, and Wayne, are greeted with video calls from their loved ones, an event that makes them all realize why they're here and what they're working for.

With only four contestants left in the competition, and all of them excellent artists, it's anyone's guess who will earn a spot in the finale, and who will be sent home.

With only five contestants left in the competition, the feeling in the house is one of respect and high stakes. The artists roll to meet McKenzie, and she tells them that their next assignment is to create a mummified Egyptian god, inspired by the updated Evil Dead movie.

After an inspiration session at Leo Carrillo State Park, where McKenzie has just told them that their assignment is to create a whole new species that has one paint job in visible light and a completely different, bioluminescent look in ultraviolet light, the artists return to the lab to see...

The contestants vie for the sweet prize of immunity in this week's Foundation Challenge judged by superstar producer, Gale Anne Hurd. Since Gale's current project is The Walking Dead, the artists will be creating their own hordes of zombies.

Lijha Stewart, Makeup Forever's Head Makeup Artist, joins McKenzie in the lab today to judge the contestants' Foundation Challenge of taking a storybook heroine and making her a bad girl.

At Six Flags Magic Mountain, there is a giant redwood tree, and it is there that McKenzie meets the contestants with a very special guest: Bryan Singer.

McKenzie brings the contestants to the Federal Bar to tell them about their Foundation Challenge for this week.

McKenzie brings the contestants to the middle of the desert to deliver their latest Spotlight Challenge - to create a demon.

This week is a dream within a dream for many of the competitors, since they get to go to Comic Con to find inspiration for their challenge of making an original super hero.