Finale Season Premieres
Tuesday, June 5 at 9/8c

Face Off Episodes


You've heard the judges' favorites, and if you haven't - or you just need to know how many "bitchins" Ve awarded to each of Face Off's most memorable looks - click on over to our Judges' Favorites Countdown Image Gallery.

Face Off: Naked and Painted blows the doors open on the burgeoning art form of body paint. Whether you're new to the craft or a seasoned veteran, this medium will never cease dazzling.

A fantastic season is drawing to a close, and the three finalists prepare to head into the finale challenge, Laura and Tate for the second time, and Roy for the first.

We're down to the wire...only one challenge left before the big finale, and the contestants are going to give it everything they've got.

Eddie is gone from the competition, and the absence of his smile has everyone down - but none more than Laney, who was in bottom looks with him last week. She's incredibly homesick and feeling her passion to stay in the competition wane with every moment.

It's time for a Foundation Challenge! Dontcha just love those? Alumnus judge Patrick Tatopoulos (we love him, too!) is here to tell us who created the best original Grim Reaper and award them immunity in the upcoming Spotlight Challenge.

After last week's grueling elimination round, many artists have a new perspective on the competition. Laney found herself not only on the bottom for the first time, but also lost perhaps her closest friend on the show.

The contestants are treated to a mini circus performance right there in their very own lab courtesy of the cutting-edge troupe Cirque Berzerk.

Before we get down to the big challenge this week, McKenzie has a fun surprise in the form of the sexy, campy, gothic icon Elvira. The Hostess of Horror is there to judge the Foundation Challenge, where they'll outfit models with a fresh, new take on Elvira's classic look.

The vets are a little shaken from having lost another one of their own, but when they enter the lab and see McKenzie standing in front of the workstations - each outfitted with an ornate box and a model - their heads go right into the game.