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Face Off Episodes


It's finale time! The moment we've been waiting for, and the artists - Rashaad, George and Tyler - are walking on air to be there.

On last week's show, McKenzie told the artists that no one would be eliminated. They were then whisked away to the movie back lot used for some classic horror films, including...The Wolfman!

Who's the best monster in the world? The vampire, of course! And that's exactly who the artists get to make this week. And since this is Face Off, it's not going to be easy: each artist chooses, at random, the name of a vampiric character from another culture.

Graham is now out of the running, meaning that five contestants remain. As they head to Union Station in downtown Los Angeles, Rashaad is keenly aware that he is the only artist without a win to his name.

The gang assembles at the Gnomon School of Visual Effects, where McKenzie and Neville (an alumnus and board member) tell them that they'll be creating their very own mutants to love and to hold. Not mutants like the Toxic Avenger, so much - more like the X-Men, dig?

To tell them about their next challenge, the perfect place for McKenzie to meet up with the contestants is Kidspace, an exploratory science and art playground.

When the contestants walk into the lab, it's completely transformed into a different kind of lab, one that a mad scientist might use to transform a human guinea pig into a grotesque monster.

THEY'RE IN JAPAN!!!!! The lucky contestants arrive in Tokyo and dive into the beauty, excitement, and magic of the city in places like the hectic Shibuya district, sensual fish markets, and serene city gardens.

Some people think the magic word is "Please," but it's actually "Open Sesame" - OK, that's two words, but the point is, these two words open the door to the mysterious and dazzling Magic Castle in Hollywood.

In one of the toughest Foundation Challenges in Face Off history, the contestants, working in pairs, must create a fighting band of ten orcs - one leader and nine followers - in two and a half hours.