Finale Season Premieres
Tuesday, June 5 at 9/8c

Face Off Episodes


The three finalists must create characters that could star in a film from one of three genres: Sci-Fi, Fantasy or Post-Apocalyptic.

The final four select a classic Wild West archetype and reimagine it in steampunk cyborg form.

The artists select from several different dolls from Bob Baker's famous Marionette Theater to concoct the next Chucky or Annabelle.

The artists bring a whimsical creature to life based on a child's description of their imaginary companion.

The artists shape their own personal superhero or villain alter-egos, using themselves as their own models! Guest Judge: Todd McFarlane.

Inspired by the sexy aliens of Avatar and Species, the artists select a sash with the name of a real galaxy and fashion its beauty queen.

The artists select a stunning avant-garde outfit as inspiration for their own stylish horror villain.

The artists devise their own queen insect and companion character in this daunting team body-painting challenge. Plus – the return of Lois Burwell!

The artists shape their own unique Troll creature based on the architecture, geography and culture of a famous bridge. Guest Judge: Doug Jones (Hellboy).

The artists compose a unique character inspired by the original sounds of two-time Oscar nominee Erik Aadahl (Godzilla, World War Z).