Face OffHow-ToBurns

By Anthony Pepe

Using these materials, you can put together a decent third degree burn on your arm, your face, or your friends! With practice and plenty of reference materials online, you can modify this instructional and create something that works for you. For this instruction, let's start on the back of your hand.


  • Duo Eyelash Latex Adhesive
  • Bounce Dryer Sheets
  • Black eyeshadow (loose is better than pressed)
  • Fire engine red lipstick or shadow
  • Glycerin
  • Textured Sponge (air conditioner filter / aquarium filter)
  • Baby powder
  • Tweezers
  • Hair dryer
  • Q-Tips
  • Assorted brushes

Step 1:

Take the dryer sheet and tear out a circle shape, or whatever shape you want your burn to be. Don't cut; we don't want straight edges. Ripped and rough edges are easier to blend.

Step 2:

Using the eyelash adhesive, squeeze a dollop onto the skin, and using a Q-Tip, spread the glob around to a thin layer, making sure to soften the edges of the latex as you come to the end of the area you want to burn. Feather the edges. The eyelash adhesive should roughly be in the shape of your dryer sheet.

Step 3:

Use the hairdryer to dry out the adhesive until it's clear, then place the torn dryer sheet on top. It should relatively stick. Now, take more latex adhesive and spread it on top of the dryer sheet, basically sealing the dryer sheet to your skin. Think of it like sandwiching the sheet between two layers of latex adhesive. Dry it with the hairdryer.

Step 4:

In case you haven't figured it out yet, the dryer sheet is representing your skin. Take the tweezers and carefully puncture a hole into the dryer sheet. Dont puncture your skin, but I assume you have enough sense not to. Pull open small holes of varying sizes, but dont rip holes to the edge of the dryer sheet. Keep them contained in the center area, but dont make them the same size. Change it up. There is no definitive way to burn skin, so have fun with it. If you tear too much, just add a little more latex adhesive and dry it.

Step 5:

You may notice that when you rip open the latex covered dryer sheet, it sticks to itself. Once you are done tearing holes, lightly powder the entire thing, no longer making the burn sticky. Now you should be ready to paint.

Step 6:

Using the red, paint inside the holes you created. This will give the illusion of red, raw skin under the "dryer sheet" skin. Use purples, yellows, and reds to mix it up. Try not to blend too many colors in the holes or it will become muddy brown, and look nasty.

Step 7:

Take the black eyeshadow and the textured sponge, and "scratch" black powder onto the white dryer sheet. Don't go crazy with black or it might look like a muddy mess, but use your discretion. Think of a hot dog that has been on the barbecue grill too long. Black on the outside, pink and red on the inside. Spread the black powder past the edges of your makeup onto your real skin, blending everything together. Texture is better than smooth, so use the sponge and graze the area rather than smooshing the color in.

Step 8:

For extra detail, take a SMALL amount of glycerin and spread it in the red holes, giving the burn a shiny wet look. When the skin burns, the body secretes fluids to help repair it. The glycerin can be found in the drugstore next to peroxide and witch hazel, usually.

To make larger burns, use more adhesive, more dryer sheets, and more colors. Burns can be any shape or size, so go nuts. Be sure to look online for references for burns, if you have a strong stomach. Above all, have fun with it! This is strictly a guideline, not a blueprint, so don't be afraid to change it up however you like

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