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Poker Face
By Melissa Roth


  • Playing cards
  • Scissors
  • Liquid Latex (or eyelash adhesive)
  • Fake Blood (store bought or homemade)
  • Q-tips or small makeup brushes
  • Black or red makeup powder or cream (eyeshadow or lipstick)

Step 1:

Cut a few playing cards to fit an area of the face making sure to cut small "vampire teeth" shaped tabs on either side of the card.

Step 2:

Bend one of the tabs towards you and one away from you.

Step 3:

Use a Q-tip or your finger to spread latex or adhesive to the bottoms of the tabs and along the edge of the card.  Let latex dry until it becomes tacky and attach cards to skin.

Step 4:

Apply latex or adhesive along the top of the tabs and along where the card and skin meet.  Allow to dry completely and apply fake blood to where the card and skin meet.

Step 5 (optional):

Use the black or red eyeshadow or lipstick to paint clubs, diamonds, hearts, or spades over an eye or anywhere else.

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