Face OffHow-ToStitches

By Melissa Roth


  • Eyelash adhesive
  • Black eyeliner/eye shadow
  • Reddish-purple lip liner/lipstick
  • Liquid or cream foundation (to match skin tone)
  • Home-made blood
  • Black string
  • Toothpick
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Eyeliner brush
  • Tweezers (can be helpful in applying string)

Step 1:

Make a line with the adhesive where you would like the gash to be.  When the adhesive is half dry make a slit in the middle with the toothpick.  Wiggle the toothpick a little until the gash is as thick as you want it to be.  Add more adhesive if you need to.  For a completely closed/sewn together look make a thin slit and gently pinch the adhesive together to look like the skin has been pulled closed. 

Step 2:

Cover the adhesive with a little foundation to match the skin tone if the color of the adhesive is too different.  You can gently use your finger for this.  Just make sure the adhesive is dry.  Fill in the gash lightly with the black eyeliner or eyeshadow.  Go over the black with the reddish/purple lipliner or lipstick.  Fill in the gash with blood if you want the wound to be fresh and bloody.

Step 3:

Now, here's the fun part.  Decide on what stitch you would like to use.  You can use a cross stitch, very popular in sewing the eyes shut as well as the lips, or you can use a simple slash stitch.  Measure how long the string needs to be to reach from one end of the gash, eyes, or lips to the other end.  Cut multiple pieces of string in this length.  You know all those pieces of string hanging from your shirt, coat, pant leg, etc.?  They are not completely useless. 

X Stitch - Place two dots of adhesive on each side of the gash.  Attach one piece of string over the gash at a diagonal.  Then attach a second piece over the first forming an X.  Repeat until the gash is covered. 

Slash Stitch - Place one dot of adhesive on each side of the gash.  Attach an end of string to each dot of adhesive.  Continue until gash is covered.

Step 4:

You can add drops of blood to the end of each piece of string if you would like.  Use the tip of the eyeliner brush or a toothpick.


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