Face OffHow-ToZombie

By Conor McCullagh


  • Materials
  • Children's water base glue
  • Rolled Cotton
  • Cotton swabs
  • Children's face paint
  • Pack of small paint brushes
  • Black food coloring
  • Red, black, green cake decorating icing (optional)
  • Clay face mask (optional)

Step 1:

Roll out and separate small pieces of cotton to cover the face, one piece at a time. Mix together equal parts water and glue. Dip a cotton swab in the glue mixture and roll over the surface of the skin. Build out cheaks and brow with cotton, then roll over it again with glue and a cotton swab. Repeat this process until you have the desired look you want.

Step 2:

With the face paints, mix a pale, greenish flesh tone for your base color, and a dark greenish tone for creating shadows on the face. Paint all the shadowed areas including the eye sockets, then paint the highlights with your base color.

Step 3:

Mix together all three colors of the cake decorating icing until you have a dark blood color, and dress it around the mouth as desired.

Step 4:

Squeeze 3 to 4 drops of black food into the mouth to stain the teeth and gums.

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