Face OffPast Contestants

  • Alana Rose Schiro

    Age: 21
    Expertise: Sculpting
    Occupation: Makeup Effects Artist
    Hometown: New York, NY
    Residence: Northridge, CA

    The youngest contestant, Alana Rose Schiro brings determination and talent to Face Off. Her ambition will not allow anyone deter her from her goals as a budding SFX artist.  Alana is hoping to prove that she has what it takes to be a contender in the special effects field.  Currently residing in Northridge, CA, Alana restores old architectural designs on buildings.  

  • Carpucine "CC" Childs

    Age: 30
    Expertise: Character creation, beauty
    Occupation: Special FX makeup artist
    Hometown: Clearwater, FL
    Residence:  Marietta, GA 

    Carpucine "CC" Childs is a multi-talented and well-rounded makeup artist.  With a degree in Criminal Justice and a minor in Photography, she creates makeup looks that are both beauty and special effects. After years of being behind a makeup counter, she decided to move to California, where she received training from the renowned Makeup Designory School. CC constantly challenges herself to be different and original, and to create creatures and prosthetics that wow audiences across all platforms. CC has an online channel called "Diary of a Makeup Artist" where she demonstrates makeup application techniques. 

  • Derek Garcia

    Age: 31
    Expertise: Airbrushing, Painting, Sculpting, Sketching
    Occupation: Freelance Tattoo Artist
    Hometown: Miami Lakes, FL
    Residence: Miami, FL

    Derek grew up doing monster makeup creations on his fraternal twin brother, Eric Garcia, who is also a contestant on season three of Face Off.  Derek has worked alongside his brother on numerous projects, including Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando, FL, but the two have different styles. Derek's style is traditional and tattoo-inspired. He recently returned from Germany, where he did Halloween Haunt with his teacher and mentor, Bill McCoy.  Derek currently resides in Miami with his wife. He is a tattoo artist and tattooed his brother's arm with images from The Goonies

  • Eric Garcia

    Age: 31
    Expertise: Airbrushing, Application, and Sketching
    Occupation: Free Lance Makeup Artist
    Hometown: Miami Lakes, FL
    Residence: Orlando, FL

    Eric Garcia is not bothered by having to compete against his fraternal twin brother, Derek, in season three of Face Off. Like true twins, they anticipate each other's thoughts and finish each other's sentences. They both have different styles. Eric's style is very sci-fi influenced. For the past two years, he worked in Hong Kong with AEO studios, where he was a team leader. As a single man, he says that he needs to win Face Off because special effects makeup is all he knows and is the only thing that he has wanted to do. When his ideas transfer on paper, all of his creations come to life. 

  • Jason Milani

    Name: Jason Milani
    Age: 25
    Expertise: Horror/Mold making
    Occupation: Freelance SFX makeup artist
    Hometown: Hopewell Junction, NY
    Residence: Hopewell Junction, NY

    Jason Milani knew at an early age that he wanted to immerse himself in the special effects industry, with a particular passion for haunted houses. His exposure to shows and the world is where he learned most of his techniques to develop his skills.  He attended the Tom Savini program at the Douglas Education Center.  Laid back and easy going, Jason is also extremely hard working, especially when given a task. He approaches life with the same philosophy, "Go big, go extreme, and be fast."

  • Laura Tyler

    Age: 27
    Expertise:  Prosthetic Application, Sculpting, Airbrushing, Painting
    Occupation: Freelance Makeup Artist
    Hometown: Orlando, FL
    Residence: Orlando, FL

    When she watched Predator as a little girl, Laura Tyler thought the monster was extremely cool. Fascinated by the reality of the creature, she knew she wanted to begin a career in special effects. Laura grew up as an only child to a single mother. She went to an art magnet high school where she honed her sculpting skills. She is meticulous when it comes to getting projects done and often too critical of her own work.  She is competitive, self-admitted fan-girl, a sci-fi nerd, and considers herself a jack of all trades when it comes to the makeup world.

  • Nicole Chilelli (Season 3 winner)

    Age: 28
    Expertise: Creatures, Sculpting, Design
    Occupation: Special Effects Artist /Makeup Artist at (Mac) Cosmetics
    Hometown: Long Beach, CA
    Residence:  Sacramento, CA 

    Inspired by her mother's love and support, Nicole has always been an artist.  Having loved Halloween since she was a small child, she decided to take a course in effects makeup and was hooked.  Nicole is fascinated by nature and finds inspiration in its smallest details like the spines on the back of a leaf or similar aspects that people may take for granted.  This is seen through an aesthetic that is uniquely her own.  More than anything she enjoys creating new engaging creatures and making her artistic vision come to life. 

  • Rod Maxwell

    Age: 47
    Expertise: Special Effects Prosthetics
    Occupation: Special Effects Consultant and Director
    Hometown: Newton, Massachusetts
    Residence: Los Angeles, CA 

    With an endearing demeanor, Rod Maxwell is an accomplished, self-taught special effects artist and director.  In his award winning film The Wishing Well, Rod created 26 distinctly different characters for himself in the film.  He is thorough, patient, and meticulous, which definitely transpires in his work. Rod is an out of the box thinker who plans to give the other competitors a run for their money. Although he works primarily in digital effects, special effects makeup is his first love and is thrilled to be a contender for season 3. 

  • Roy Wooley

    Age: 46
    Expertise: Sculpting, Prosthetics, Airbrushing, Fabrication
    Occupation: Freelance Makeup Artist, Chief Makeup Artist & Creature Designer for Netherworld Haunted House
    Hometown: Goodsprings, AL
    Residence: Tucker, GA 

    Roy Wooley grew up in Alabama, where he attended the same high school as his mother.  His mother and family hoped for Roy to choose a stable profession like preaching or coal mining. However, after Roy snuck into American Werewolf in London, he fell in love with special effects makeup and the creation of monsters. Since there were not any SFX schools for Roy to attend, he relied on tutorial videos, books and friends to learn more about the field. When he moved to Georgia, the local haunted house did not have a makeup department, so Roy took a job at the haunted house as an actor. Over the years, Roy has built up and now runs the makeup department at one of the country's leading haunted houses.  In his off-season, he works for low budget films. 

  • Sarah Elizabeth

    Age: 29
    Expertise: Character Creation, Prosthetics, Sculpting, Foam Latex, Fabrication
    Occupation: Corporate Administrator, Special Effects Makeup Artist
    Hometown: Goshen, IN
    Residence:  Vancouver, BC 

    Sarah Elizabeth grew up in a Mennonite family in Goshen, IN.  The strong community values of her family's religion helped her become a strong, hard-working team player.  Sarah started out designing costumes and doing makeup for theater. She went on to study special effects at Vancouver Film School. She enjoys creating work that is dark, dirty, and bloody.  In 2012, she qualified to compete in the prosthetics competition at the IMATS.  Her team recently captured the 2012 LEO Award for best makeup in a short independent film, The Little Mermaid.  Due to her strong background in theater costuming, she enjoys character creation. When she is in a stressful situation, she acts as a mediator and has a gift for resolving issues. 

  • Thomas "Tommy" Pietch

    Age: 26
    Expertise: Sculpting, Foam Latex, Character Design
    Occupation: Special Effects Makeup
    Hometown: Columbus, OH
    Residence:  Columbus, OH 

    As the oldest of five children to a single mom, Tommy relied on his dreams to carry out his imagination and ambition to become a special effects artist.  Having recently quit his full-time job as a chef, Tommy is now focusing all of his artistic efforts on becoming a full-time special makeup effects artist.  He wants to prove to everyone, despite his circumstances, that he has what it takes to win Face Off. In 2010, Tommy won the best makeup FX at the Synerfest Film Festival for his work on a short film entitled A Survivor's Haiku.  Having only worked in effects makeup for three years, Tommy hopes that his background in fine arts will give him an edge in this competition.

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