Face OffPast Contestants

  • Alam Park

    Age: 25
    Expertise: Budding Makeup Artist
    Occupation: Makeup Artist
    From: Seattle, WA

    Alam is graduate of Joe Blasco Make-Up Training Center's Master Course. She prides herself on bringing a sense of fun and passion to her work. Ten years ago, she moved from South Korea with her parents to be with family in Seattle. In 2011, she moved to Los Angeles to attend makeup school and start her career. Slow and precise is Alam's preferred work method. Alam considers herself an unexpected talent who will use great design and coloring to x-out the competition.

  • Alex McCoy

    Age: 31
    Expertise: Horror, Fantasy Beauty, Molds, Hair work
    Occupation: SFX Makeup Artist
    From: Orlando, FL

    Alex is the daughter of Russian professor and writer, but she but was born in the states and schooled in Munich. Growing up, she rebelled against her academics in favor of pursuing her career in makeup, and with aspirations to make her mark as an artist. Alex and her husband, SFX artist Bill McCoy, work in a huge theme park called Europapark in Germany and every Halloween, they produce their "Horror Nights," event. The two own a SFX company called "Real McCoy FX," and specialize in makeup for film and television along with figure finishing. They recently added custom animatronics to their catalogue of services. Alex has worked on all entertainment platforms, from theatre to industrial videos, to behind the scenes to film to television to music videos.

  • Anthony Kosar (Season 4 winner)

    Age: 26
    Expertise:  Creature/Character Design, Sculpting, Prosthetics, Painting
    Occupation: Artist/Owner of Kosart Effects Studios
    From: Chicago, IL

    Tired of relying on generic Halloween store costumes, Anthony created his first prosthetic when he was 16. Anthony began his company, Kosart Effects Studios, from his home in 2005, and in April 2011, he opened the doors to his new commercial studio, where he continues to work within multiple industries of the artistic world, and between projects, teaches the art of FX on weekends.Besides freelance FX projects for theater, film and commercials, Anthony designs and sculpts prototypes for toys, masks, collectibles and medical anatomical models, illustrates for novels and comic books, and creates fine art paintings and sculptures.  In 2007, he had the opportunity of a lifetime to intern for the legendary Stan Winston, his hero, working on special effects for the feature films Avatar and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, as well as various commercials.

  • Autumn Cook

    Age: 35
    Expertise: Horror, Fantasy
    Occupation: Freelance SFX Artist
    From: Pittsburgh, PA

    Autumn went to the Art Institute of Pittsburgh's Industrial Design program, where she majored in Advanced Specialized Effects. She got her start in the field soon after, doing set design, prop fabrication as well as make-up effects for various types of stage performances. She worked seasonally until the birth of her daughter in 2006. Autumn is equally versed in high fashion makeup as well as SFX applications due to her unique flair for the dramatic in both her makeup and design. In early, 2010, she began working in film locally, doing make-up as well as make-up and practical effects alongside Toetag FX on multiple horror projects.  Autumn continues to freelance from Pittsburgh and has currently finished up directing/fabricating special FX solo on a horror anthology film segment for Harbinger pictures. She has aspirations to become a full-time SFX make-up artist on big budget films and projects.

  • David 'House' Greathouse

    Age: 41
    Expertise: Sculpting, Prosthetic Application
    Occupation: Filmmaker, SFX Artist
    From: Cleveland, OH

    House is a completely self-taught SFX makeup artist He got his start at just ten years old in his Aunt's costume shop, where she turned him on to special effects makeup. House honed his skills designing and performing in haunted houses. House considers himself very fortunate to have worked as a shop rat in Los Angeles, where he believes he was able to pick the brains and grab some talent of some of the industry's best. His biggest influence, perhaps, is Robert Kurtzman, with whom he currently works at Creature Corps in Ohio. If he wins the show, House plans on producing and directing a feature film. House is the boyfriend of season two contestant Beki Ingram.

  • Eric Fox

    Age: 38
    Expertise: Horror/Fantasy/Ethnicity
    Occupation: Owner of MORB-X FX
    From: Riverside, CA

    Eric is a starving artist with tremendous drive. Born and raised in rural Georgia he grew up in the back woods on a farm. As a kid, Eric was left with nothing to do as a kid but overindulge in old school horror movies. In high school, Eric was known as the "Creepy Goth kid" who kept severed heads in his locker. Today, Eric is still toting around the "Creepy Goth" look but he is now a husband of 14 years and father of 4. Eric owns his own special effects shop, MORB-X FX, which he operates with his wife, Sheri. They have worked on music videos and also na online Halloween special for Blackbox TV called Proxy, based on the popular video games Slender. Eric knows that this is the job he was meant to do and hopes to make it big soon.

  • Eric Zapata

    Age: 22
    Expertise: Sculpting, casting and application
    Occupation: Freelance SFX Makeup Artist
    From: Austin, TX

    Eric grew up loving art, and knew right away after trying makeup FX that he had found his lifelong career. He did everything he could to learn more, from making molds in his garage to attending the Tom Savini school. Following his graduation, Eric landed a job at Precinct 13 working with Bob Kurtzman. In only four years time, Eric has become very knowledgeable in the shop and quite proficient at application, design, sculpting and molding. He sees the show as not just a competition, but a tool to learn more about himself as an artist and a person. 

  • Jenna Green

    Age: 40
    Expertise: Application, Painting, Fabrication
    Occupation: Freelance Makeup Artist
    From: Austin, TX

    Jenna learned everything she knows about SFX Makeup from books, the Internet, and trial and error. This self-taught makeup artist is comfortable sculpting, working with foam latex and airbrushing.  Jenna is an ovarian cancer survivor who raises her two kids with the help of her mother. She credits her family and friends for helping her fight her battle. During her illness, she had given up doing makeup, but found renewed inspiration while watching the first season of Face Off, and decided to dive right back into doing makeup and eventually auditioning for the show. When she is not working with makeup, Jenna has a passion for working on cars, singing, playing multiple instruments and acting. She looks forward to learning more and more about the industry and endeavors to learn something new about it every day.

  • Katie Machaiek

    Age: 26
    Expertise: Application, Airbrushing and Paint
    Occupation: Freelance Makeup Artist
    From: Owls Head, ME

    Katie is a quirky girl from a family that nurtured her both creatively and intellectually. She first got into makeup when studying filmmaking at Emerson College, where she did makeup and SFX on fellow students' projects. From there, Katie moved to Los Angeles and attended Cinema Makeup School. Since then, Katie has worked on numerous music videos and films. Katie returns to her small town roots in coastal Maine every year and helps her old high school (where her mom is the drama teacher) with their theatre productions, fabricating props and teaching makeup to students. Katie was actually a finalist in Face Off season one casting and a backup to the 12 cast members. Determined, she perfected her craft and after also ranking high in season 2 and 3 auditions, Katie is excited to finally compete.

  • Kris Kobzina

    Age: 41
    Expertise: Horror, Fantasy, Ethnicity
    Occupation: Freelance SFX Makeup Artist
    From: El Segundo, CA

    Since seeing the 1931 adaptation of Frankenstein, Kris has spent his life wanting to know how these creations are made and how can he do it. Kris has been in the industry for more than 11 years, and shows no signs of slowing down. He worked on and with the Emmy-Award winning team for Six Feet Under in 2004, and has aspirations to open his own SFX lab and wants his work to have a Rick Baker-like quality and influence. Though he is quick on his feet and good in application, Kris is a perfectionist and could find himself having to compromise his higher standards for the sake of finishing on time. 

  • Meagan Hester

    Age:  29
    Expertise: Dental Appliance, Prosthetic Application, Airbrush, Full Custom Creature Design
    Occupation: SPFX Makeup Artist & Beauty Artist
    From: Ossining, NY

    Meagan has an extensive television and fashion background, working with Nickelodeon, VH1, MTV, Showtime and Music Choice. Recently, Meagan has done SFX for "Funny or Die," and for Comedy Central comedic skits. In 2008, Meagan qualified for the IMATS prosthetics competition where she placed 4th. Meagan is currently teaching special effects classes at her own studio G&H FX, which she owns with her partner Tyler Green in New York, and also has contributed to the press kits for Mehron SPFX department. Meagan first fell in love with special effects makeup when she discovered Tim Burton films.  She then decided to train at Capri Cosmetology Nanuet NY and MUD in LA. Her goal is to work on High Budget FX films in LA/ NY doing SPFX, and being more involved in sculpting and mold making.  She also plans to continue her education in FX to ensure she becomes a stronger artist.

  • Michael Faust

    Age: 31
    Expertise: Costume and Prop Fabrication, Conceptual Design
    Occupation: Executive Research/Operations - Global Fear Enterprises, Show Quality Manager - House of Torment Haunted House
    From: Austin, TX

    Michael was exposed to the paranormal and horror industry by his father, but experienced a traumatic event when his childhood interests were hampered the side of the street due to the religious surge of the '80s. Michael used this event to hone his concepts and ideas of what characters and monsters should be.  As an adult, Michael researches the macabre, cryptpozoology, the occult, folklore, and many religious books such as the Book of Enoch and the Key of Solomon. Michael co-owns Global Fear Enterprises with his brother, Matt Valentine, where they bring full body creature suits to life. Michael believes that a strong concept is just as important as a well done paint job or detailed sculpt. Given the moniker "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Scare" Michael has used his talents in The Austin-based haunted house House of Torment, as well as The 13th Floor Haunted House in San Antonio. 

  • Troy Rivers

    Age: 34
    Expertise: Beauty Makeup Artist/Tatoo Artist
    Occupation: Makeup Artist/Tattoo Artist
    From: Indianapolis, IN

    Troy is a former football player whose friends and family made fun of him until they realized he was following his dream to become a successful beauty makeup artist. Self-taught in the area of SFX, Troy learned his craft from DVDs, videos and books, and took his inspiration from the legendary Dick Smith. His dad was the one who introduced him to SFX and he used his mom as his first test subject. Troy is most comfortable using gelatin, silicone, and latex but he wants to grow into the industry and learn more. Troy's biggest claims to fame to date is that he did Madonna's dancers  make up for this year's Super Bowl, and that he placed second at the Face2Face makeup competition.

  • Wayne Anderson

    Age: 27
    Expertise: Airbrushing and Fabrication
    Occupation: Freelance Makeup Artist
    From: Fort Meyers, FL

    Wayne was literally the captain of the football team in his hometown of Fort Myers, Florida. An unlikely character to get into the SFX world, Wayne first discovered special effects work at 8 years old while helping his dad build haunted mansions at their house for Halloween. Inspired by movie characters like Predator and idols like Steve Wang, he was a self-taught artist until he pursued professional work by attending Cinema Makeup School in Los Angeles, where he received the Dick Smith Legends of Makeup Scholarship. Wayne has been married for 5 years to his high school sweetheart, a cosmetologist. Wayne is a serious competitor and wants to show the world just how much hard work, honed skill, and personal dedication it takes to be a SFX makeup artist.

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