During the September 23 broadcast of Face Off, the Twitter Popularity Index experienced a technical malfunction near the end of the episode. In order to fairly determine the winner, Syfy used the data available to us at the time prior to the freeze. We’ve put precautions in place to prevent this issue from occurring again – so keep tweeting to help determine the fan favorite every week!


Tweet who your favorite Face Off artist is using their name, why you like them and #FaceOff. Each week, the artist with the most love will be the “Fan Favorite.” At the end of the season, the artist with the most cumulative weekly wins will get $10,000!

Official Rules.

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Face Off


Face Off


Popularity Index

Our popularity index measures your tweets in real time! By sending a tweet using one of the artists' names, what you like about them and #FaceOff, we'll register it and it will contribute to the ranking that you see here. The more positive things said about an artist, the higher their ranking.

Current Leader

After each week's Face Off episode, a new Fan Favorite will be named based on which artist received the most positive tweets that week. A weekly win is demarcated by a star. If an artist has more than one star, it means they've won the Fan Favorite title for that number of weeks. Check back weekly to see which artist is in the lead to being named Season 7's Fan Favorite.